Shubhank Sharma’s first brush of fame with “Yeh Kya Jageh hai Doston”


The Himachali lad with refreshing and smooth voice, Shubhank Sharma, dropped his Science studies for music and I am sure he was pretty correct. The urge to do something landed him in creating a band named Seraphim in 2004 which bagged the Zone Finals of the MTV Campus Rock Idols, Chandigarh in 2005. After playing gigs in Chandigarh and Delhi for some time the band got split and it was 2010 when Shubhank decided to play solo. In 2011 he moved to Mumbai to chase his dreams and last year he came up with the recording of his first solo, “Yeh Kya Jageh Hai Doston” which is shot by Snow Leopard Productions Shimla.


I watched the video and it is a complete treat to eyes and ears. The exotic locations including the mesmerizing Kinnaur and Spiti look awe-inspiring. Talking about the video shoot self-taught musician, Shubhank told that he wanted to add some breathtaking vistas from Himachal Pradesh in the video to keep the beauty alive. Shubhank said,

“I always wanted to add a travel feel to the video, up in the mountains there is something which inspires me. Mountains are my mentor and something which rejuvenates me and luckily the director also had the same idea in his mind”

He also added,

“We were stuck at Tabo for 7 days due to heavy snowfall at the time when there were disasters in Uttrakhand and Himachal, but the overall experience was one of its kind.”

Written and composed by Shubhank and his brother Vardhan Sharma “Yeh Kya Jageh Hai Doston” is a composition with first half of the song as Vardhan’s college days experience and the other part popped-up from Shubhank’s college time nostalgia.

Shubhank is quiet positive about his future ventures and his full album is expected to be on shelves by the end of this year.

Do check out the video after reading.

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