Best Technology TEDx Talks


TEDx talks are gaining audience all across the world. The sheer passion and uniqueness of the concept and the fervor with which these conferences are followed is truly amazing. The motivational speakers both live and via the TEDx talk videos, inspire millions to openly discuss topics of great interest and bring together followers from various communities. There have literally been thousands of such conferences wherein these discussions have aroused the passion of audience and stirred meaningful and ardent open forum debates. These talks are organized on a regular basis in different parts of the world and for an assortment of communities.

These discussions cover a wide range of topics from Technology to Entertainment to Designs to Inspirational Stories by renowned and loved speakers. Past speakers include faces like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Gordon Brown, Larry Page and many more. The speakers typically are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their talks, usually in the form of motivational stories, in the most intriguing and captivating ways possible.

Here we are talking about the best TEDx talks delivered on technology. The talks include some awe inspiring stories and discussions held by world leaders in cutting edge technology and how it has been adapted to make life better for us. Though it is virtually impossible to grade them in order of preference, here is a listing all the same.

1. Jason Drew: Engineering a better world – the technology of repairing the future

2. Adjiedj Bakas: The Future of Privacy

3. Alan Knott Craig: The power of anonymity

4. Loic Bar: How to take advantage of the collective intelligence

5. Pablos Holman: Top Hacker shows us how it’s done

6. Dr. Adam Stieg: The Third Culture: Science, Art & Ideas

These and numerous others form a collection of the most admired tech-talks delivered on the forum. These talks are available for free viewing at which is a blessing for those not able to attend the discussions for one reason or the other but are equally fervent about the topics discussed. Do watch the videos and get the thinking cap on.


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