Congress playing cheap marketing tricks for 2014 elections

Cheap political parties continue with cheap promotional tricks

SHIMLA– Did you observe the printed pictures of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh,Food and Civil Supplies Minister GS Bali, AICC chief Sonia Gandhi, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the application forms for getting computerized ration-cards? The government seems to be laying more emphasis on promotional tricks than proving itself through performance. The govt. is advertising the faces of the Congress Party like they are trying to sell some products in 2014 as well.

It’s not the first time that politicians tried such cheap tricks. Earlier, during the devastating flood in Uttarakhand, the trucks with relief supply carried the banner with congress faces. Congress changed the names of many programs initiated by BJP, which were named after Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The step was criticized by the opposition as well. So now, why the Congress is resuming to the same cheap trick which the BJP was playing earlier?


If this non-sense continued, the day isn’t far when political parties would make it compulsory to print photos of party members on the school/college/University certificates and on every other document issued by the government. If possible, these politicians would permanently stamp the people with their party stamp. May be, Sonia Gandhi and HP cabinet should try a season of Big Boss for full promotion.

There isn’t much to claim as performance, so something needs to be done to promote the party for 2014 elections and that’s where printing faces of party members/PM/CM works well for Indian democracy. Huge amount is spent on
advertising and promoting political parties. The media is paid heavy amounts to conceal the truth and promote the political figures. Such a culture of allowing such promotional tricks is an error for the democracy in a nation like ours.

Not only such examples throw light on the level of manipulation in politics, but also question the conscious of common Indian man, who tolerates and actually fall to such idiotic tricks.

To the HP Govt., as a suggestion for better advertisement, consider printing photos on objects and commodities used multiple times daily by everyone like toilet sheets and toilet papers. The opposition will definitely support the idea as well. There should be no shame when you are advertising. Everything is fare in business and politics.


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