Building The Unity Taller Than the Liberty

Building The Unity Taller Than the Liberty
Well Shimla also ran for Unity today, along with 50 lakh people across 565 places in the country. The chief guest, J.P Nadda (BJP National General Secretary), commemorated Vallabh Bhai Patel, on his death anniversary, very well in his speech marking the grand Run for Unity, remembering the Iron Man Of India. The run began with the loud raise of slogan, “Daudega Bharat, To Judega Bharat”.

However, the marathon spoke more of Modi’s desire to build the tallest ever statue of Vallabh Bhai Patel, even taller than The Statue of Liberty and the Eifel Tower.

So the question is do you think the spirit and the ‘Statue’ can work towards ending the disparities in the country? While not even a single second party man showed in the marathon, do you think any spirit can ever win over the disparate political wars?

Let’s just respect Sardar Patel’s contribution and live for unity always, for the statue or not!

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