Bharmaur CHC in ruins, Govt. indifferent to public complaints


CHAMBA– HW received a grievance with some photos and information regarding the poor condition of Bharmour Community Health Center in district Chamba. The complainer pointed towards the unhygienic indoor and outdoor spaces like the wards, toilets, and insufficiency of staff at the facility.Surprisingly, the issue was not attended ever after it received funds for the same purpose, which disappeared, may be into the pockets of officials and contractors.


The complainant had filed a RTI asking for the details of the funds released for the maintenance of the health care facility. According to the information received through RTI, which was filed recently, an amount of INR 240,000 was granted for the cleaning of hospital and INR 85000 for bed sheets, covers, blankets and mattresses was also granted. As there are just 20 beds in the hospital, this amount was ample enough but sadly the old, worn out and dirty bed sheets and blankets speak for the pathetic condition of the hygiene. The SDM of Bharmour was contacted three months ago and when asked, he assured that he will discuss it on the meeting which was scheduled for 22 December 2013.


Sadly, nothing was done. The hospital is a primary health center of 252 villages around the area and it is really upsetting that the medial facilities provided are not at all enough. There is no lady doctor, no one to take care of the cleaning of washrooms and specialist doctors are also not there Although, the health facilities situated in interior parts of Himachal receive additional funds, still, not only this particular facility, but many other health care facilities in Chamba are in poor condition.

However, this gentleman here took the pain of filing an RTI and bringing it into the notice of SDM. When it didn’t work,he did not give up. He clicked the photographs and mailed them somewhere they could be highlighted. The complaint isn’t intended at any personal benefit, but for the good of all population under that particular CHC. We appreciate the initiative and glad that among sheep, there are aware citizens who strive for a change and contribute as much as they can.


This complaint will be forwarded to the concerned authorities and the progress in it will be regularly traced until the grievance is attended. We request all readers reading this article to take initiative and help us highlight the grievances in their respective regions and contribute towards the betterment of our system.

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