Children Theatrical workshop concludes


Ke Kurta Sukh Bhara staged at Gaiety

Children deliver the message of coordination and corporation among humans for the happiness of all.

A play Ek Kurta Sukh Bhara was staged at the historic Gaiety Theater by the young talented school children on February 1.

The show was organized as a result of annual event – the theatrical workshop where children get an opportunity to polish their talent. Department organizes painting, theatrical, classical and western dance workshop at Gaiety where children can select as per their interest.

The story depicted a young fairy that cannot fly and from fairly land two fairies disguised as gentlemen are sent on earth to find a Kurta of some content man as a remedy. They reach the court of the king in their quest and eventually realize that every single person on earth including courtiers as well as common man were not satisfied. In end they found one flutist who is content and aggress to give them their kurta. Everyone waited eagerly in court next day to meet this content man only to learn that his kurta was totally torn. Finally the king concludes saying you are happy for you do not have kurta.


The play was directed by Dyal Prasad and through it he tried to convey the message that coordination and patience are two virtues that are source of happiness and prosperity. In this play total 37 students staged their talent.
All the children did a wonderful job considering the time spent in their training. However all the female students were give role of fairies and there was not much of their acting skills given exposures. Their all moved here and there on stage floating crating scene of fairly land. Opportunity of speaking dialogues where missing. Only two females got opportunity to show their talent but unfortunately it was once again not about their acting potential. They performed a classical dance piece in the court which reminded of other workshop performance held by department- that is- of classical dance conducted by Poonam Sharma held previous evening.


No doubt Kurta is a male’s attire so there was nothing much that could have been expected from female considering the justification of title and theme. However there was so much more females could have conveyed in their message as fairies rather than floating on stage and concluding that humans are poignant because of their impatience and lack of coordination among each other.

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