overloaded truck toppled down on shimla bypass

Overloaded, over-speeding tempo-truck topples on Shimla-Dhali bypass

overloaded truck toppled over on shimla bypass
On Wednesday morning, around 9 am, a truck toppled over on Shimla bypass road near Phagali. The driver received some minor injuries and was rushed to hospital immediately, told the assistant who was present in the truck when it happened. Fortunately, there was no major loss to anyone except that to the truck itself.
shimla traffic police fail

The assistant told HW that the truck was overloaded. When the driver reached the curve, the driver couldn’t judge it correctly, and due to the extra load, it flipped over. There was no collision or any sort of confrontation with any vehicle from either side.
accidents on shimla roads

Apparently, the overloading was accompanied by over-speeding, which is very common on the unchecked Shimla bypass.

Also, the police wasn’t informed about it as the owner and the driver feared the cops will create unnecessary troubles for them.
shimla-dhali bypass
HW would like to bring it to the attention of Shimla Traffic Police that the sight of overloaded and over-speeding vehicles including buses, cars, carriage vehicles is very common on the Shimla-Dhali bypass. The road is unchecked most of the time, and it is encouraging the negative trends,the consequence of which are aptly visible with this accident . We request Shimla Traffic Police to take some strict steps to check these over-speeding vehicles along with the issue of overloading.

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