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“When oppression is your privilege, protest is my right”: HPU SCA


SHIMLA-For the Indian religious gurus and the governments, the weapon of fear has always been the most powerful tool to fool and rule the public. Religion threatens anyone questioning God, while the governments do the same with CBI and Police on being protested against.

HP University protest

According to the HPU Student Central Association, the university students are suffering with the misuse of police to repress their resentment to oppressive policies of the Vice Chancellor ADN Bajpai. To create fear of legal action against even at the peaceful protests, recently, three HPU students were rusticated after protesting against Shimla Police DSP Shiv Chaudhary, whom they alleged of misbehavior and use of abusive language with hostel students during a surprise raid. Students accused that Shiv Chaudhary was drunk and bullied the hostel students.

shimla police

SCA also uploaded a mobile video of the same day when DSP Shiv Chaudhary conducted the raid. The conversation could be heard clearly if listened carefully.

Watch the Video Clip

After the students approached Dean of Studies with a request to stop growing harassment of hostel students as well as day scholars by the hands of policemen who were acting under the influence of Govt., they were denied any solid response, the students approached police to register an FIR against Shiv Chaudhary, and again they returned disappointed. Instead of attending to the students, HPU authority conducted a meeting and forced new guidelines on the students and SCA representatives. According to the decision taken in this meeting, maximum three students can meet university authorities including the VC, students can’t enter into the university campus without ID cards, curtailed the freedom of hostel students to move in between inter hostel blocks, and they can’t hold protest or submit complaints regarding University officials. In nutshell, the police is after the students with their legal technicalities if anyone dared to raise his/her voice. Three HPU students were expelled on a very minor complaint from another student organization, that too, without any solid evidence.

massive protest rally in hpu save democracy save hpu

SCA General Secretary speaks of the whole conspiracy behind the deputation of excess police troops, why the students were expelled, and how the authorities have snatched even their fundamental rights.

HPU SCA General Secretary Piyush Sewal Speaks(Video)

The SCA further said that these surprise raids were organized by the VC after the protest against the unethical and illegal deputation of teachers in HPU. There is no provision for deputation in UGC norms and all the deputations are politically driven. THe HPU VC, himself indulged in politics, is trying to gratify the needs of Govt. instead that of students.

Discrimination in the implementation of rules by authorities raises a big question on the dictating bent of policies formed by HPU. Police is only strict towards the targeted students of a particular organization while many ex-students and ex-members of other student organizations roam free in the campus. One of the girl student said, “The policemen would ask some of the students to show their cards multiple times a day, but when I pointed at a group of ex-students entering and roaming in campus without any identity cards, the policeman asked me talk to Shimla Police SP. Why only the members of a particular student organization are being scrutinized while letting other violate the same?”

misuse of shimla police by himachla govt
Another student added that outsiders who need to enter the university campus for their miscellaneous works like collecting university forms or come for exams related inquiries are also denied permission to enter the campus. All of this has been planned to suppress the protest against the faults of the Vice Chancellor, students were expelled to display the terror, and now the deployment of excess policemen in the campus is making the environment suffocating for all the students.

We avoid verbosity, so we would not write much about the political influences, but still, we would like to remind the public that Indian democracy failed because the common man did not had the courage to protest against corrupt politicians. Without student protest, the university is likely to meet the same fate, may be worse.

himachla pradesh univesity

Other than scolding the student organizations responsible holding them responsible for disturbing the studious environment of the University, remember, Himachal University will become no better than what presently our country is; a hub of corrupt pimps operating in a money making whole sale education shop. The sense of protest against injustice, and the will to reinforce democratic practices require the attention of all the students as well as the public.

hpu's oppressive policy and dictatorship

We have some pictures from the massive rally held on last Friday at HPU by students under the banner of SCA to mourn and protest over the death of democracy in HPU campus.

hpu vice chancellor vajpayee shimla police dsp shiv chaudhary

Their mouths covered with black bands, the students gathered at the arts block. The student leaders directed all protestors to stay calm and march towards VC office peacefully.

student federation of india in HPU

However, the protestor did clapped, and with a huge number of students in the rally, the sound was loud enough to be heard by everyone in or around the University campus.

media at hpu

The students marched towards the VC office, but were obstructed by police personals to inquire about the legalities of holding a rally.

student police clash at hpu summerhill

The policemen were dealt with a harsh response, driven by anguish over the oppression by authorities.

hpu latest news

Surprisingly, DSP Shiv Chaudhary, whom the students accuse of harassment, was absent on the day when the student were protesting against him asking justice.

student police clash at hpu summerhill

Apparently, the protest wasn’t ignorable for anyone present in the campus.

hpu latest news huge rally in himchal hpu campus news himachal pradesh university clash

The rally turned back from outside the guarded gates of VC office and circled the campus through Department of Laws and the bazaar, the finally gather at the Summerhill Chowk.

distressed hpu students sfi leader adresses rally at hpu

A few student leaders addressed the students, and their voice did actually express their distress.

shimla hpu students

The student leaders challenged and warned the Vice Chancellor and the Govt. to stop suppressing the fundamental rights of the students and to stop flattering the Govt.

slogan shouting at hpu

The speakers ridiculed the DSP with sarcastic comments, and all the protestors shared the same feeling.

crowded summerhill chowk

The protest concluded peacefully with a message to rise against undemocratic practices, discrimination, and the misuse of Police to create fear among students.

a massive protest rally by sfi hpu shaheed bhagat sing chowk or summerhill chowk shimla hpu sfi unit protest rally death of democracy oppression of fundamental rights at shimla hpu mouth covered in protest student federation of india at hpu student protest at hpu

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    • Lalit Sharma

      Bhai tu kabhi University gaya hai? Ghar main baith ke comment karne se kuch nai hoga. Reality hai HPU campus ki. Agar student organizations na hon to loot legi HPU students ko…

  1. Bina Baat Ka Ninja

    Damn…that was a big rally. That’s impact ! Never saw SCA lose its consistency in tough times. They’ll never give up Mr. ADM Bajpai. You should have looked at the history of protests by students in HPU. You have no idea what are you up against. Don’t suffocate them, they’ll blast with anger, and then you’ll declare them goons. But, the violence is ok if the authorities could opt to unethical methods to dump student rights like using police. It’s the duty and the right of every student to fight all enemies, external or internal.

  2. Anjali Thakur

    The university is in one of its worse condition. The VC is a complete fail in
    utilizing the funds, managing the university environment, and the CAG Report
    says that about 14 crore rupee expenditure was transferred from student funds to
    corpus fund. We need to stop making a ridiculous joke of education at HPU

  3. Amit Chauhan

    SFI goons are like Kejriwal. They are very good at creating drama and making it a scene. They too like to be in news. HW did they pay you for this coverage? Vice Chancellor is doing well, but these idiots won’t let him. SFI spoils whole environment in the campus. The police is all over the campus because of SFI goons. Ridiculous creatures !!

  4. Manjo Thakur

    DSP ko bori main daalkar hostel lana chahiye aur nanga karke ulta latkana chahiye GH ke Top floor se….bloody bullying hound

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