Who is a nuisance in Shimla – Monkeys or the public?


SHIMLA- A couple of days ago, one of the HW’s readers posted some recent pictures showing Talland rains-helter , and complained that it was in a poor condition. Well, In 2012 HW had written to HPPWD regarding the same rain-shelter. Most of the chairs were broken, leaving behind sharp edges. The sitting arrangement was rather wasting the little space inside it. It was fixed in August 2012.

Now, again, in 2014 the rain-shelter is in even more wretched condition. The chairs have been ripped apart from the shaft. They were simply stolen as it would appear. Whoever did that deserves to be subjected to a harsh criticism and punishment, no doubt about that.

However, we wonder why HPPWD isn’t going for cemented or some other type of sitting arrangement to tackle the issue. Why is it so hard for the Govt. Departments and their respective private contractors to see this far? Please, this time, don’t repeat the mistake.

To the public, especially those kinds who damage public property, you were better slaves, you don’t deserve these facilities, and you are a nuisance to the society more than the monkeys are.

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