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Shimla – The capital yearns for even basic public facilities

For the last two years, HW has been writing on the need of a rain-shelter, public toilets, and dustbins at Shimla’s two crowded bus stops, MLA Crossing and Shimla Bypass Crossing. We submitted official complaint on E-Samdhan as well. People suffered and were forced to stand in open when it rains, and they still are suffering. No Govt. Department have even moved a muscle. Does the Govt.really care for the people?

It’s not the first time that HW is addressing a public grievance to the Govt. But, this one is special; a very trivial grievance it might appear, but the public is really suffering due to it, and the Govt. Departments are proving to be rather worthless. Seriously, does it matter for the Govt. that it’s people are forced to stand in rain, drench while they wait for their buses? Does it bother it that people don’t have public toilet facility where it must be? Does it really bother the Govt. that people are throwing trash into roads as no dustbins are place even at very busy bus stoppages, and it’s making Shimla look ugly?

himachal cm virbhadra singh public facility in shimla

For the last two years, it’s been thrice that HW has written regarding the complaint with visuals, and had even submitted official complaint to the HPPWD to provide a rain shelter at MLA crossing, one of the busiest stoppages. People have nowhere to go when it rains, and now, the monsoon is here. We guess, our honorable Chief Minister, Virbhadra Singh, himself should inquire his departments that why they did not act on public complaints. We see no other way to find their attention.

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Then, the ‘Tutikandi, Shimla Bypass Crossing’ is now crowded as hell after the new ISBT at Tutikandi started operating. There is a small rain shelter, which used to be sufficient to accommodate little crowd earlier. However, now the stoppage is way far crowded to take shelter in this small rain-shelter.

urinating in open

However, the HPPWD did not have even the common sense that the public will need a toilet at this point. The MLA crossing is nearby; therefore, count the crowd standing at this very point as well. Now, they pee in open, the area stinks, and we don’t blame them.

shimla bypass crossing shimla rainshelter garbage bins shimla

Then comes the best Govt. Department, one and only Shimla MC. The vision of MC doesn’t go much farther. The bus stoppages are crowded now, the snack stall, tea stalls etc. are mushrooming around the stoppage, but they still could not see that the place need dustbins.

landslides in himachal

The supporting walls are now old and vulnerable to landslide, especially as the monsoon has arrived now. The stones have started to break lose from the walls, it’s damaged at points, but the Govt. still wait for the time when someone will get hurt or cause damage to vehicles or buses parked above and below the wall.

Shimla MC and HPPWD were approached with official complaints on E-Samdhan. It’s been over two years, but the public is still suffering when it rains. They are forced to throw their trash into open, pee in open as these Departments have not moved a muscle. We don’t think that the Govt. Departments really care about the public or it’s grievances.

This time, along with the HPPWD and Shimla MC, HW will post it on the wall of honorable Chief Minister, if it allowed us to do so, and we will hope that he would care to ask his departments. Apparently, we will come to know very soon.

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