Shimla MC -What kind of governance is it ?


SHIMLA- In April 2012, HW wrote to Shimla Municipal Corporation regarding the need of maintenance of a pedestrian path in Vikasnagar. The stairs were cracked, the surface was slippery due to rains, railings were mostly missing, and there were no functional street lights.

In fact, a couple residents got injured after they fell to this trap of odds on this shortcut path that connects the main bypass road to the lower Vikasnagar. We had to send reminders to the MC even after the official complaint, and they begin with the speed of a snail.

The picture uploaded at the top is a recent one. That pole hangs over the head of hundreds of people including school kids, but no one has bothered to remove it. They are all waiting for a human sacrifice before they do that. A very thin, dry branch holds the pole at a point. It can come down anytime.


Some of the distance was repaired, was even tiled, and a couple of streetlights started working, but then the work was abandoned all of a sudden.


It’s been more than a year that the tiles, which were meant to be placed on the path, are laying waste at point. Perhaps, some of them were stolen, the bags of cement either disappeared or they turned into bagged rocks.

bad work by shimla mc

Now, in July 2014, a few lucky points do have railings while some of them don’t. Some spots just received iron roads with no wires or net. Some of those iron rods meant for safety railings are already loose as they weren’t placed properly.

The residents and the public is least concerned about the scenario going around them. The ward councilor is no better than a blind, helpless public representative, like most of his kind. They are least concerned about the basics of public facilities at the very root of it. Safety railings are one of the necessities in hilly areas, especially when even the streetlights are missing.

It’s ridiculous that first of all you don’t listen to a public grievance, and if at all, your attention is brought to it, you do a half-hearted job, waste a lot of public money, and abandon the repair work at your will.

Those wasted bags of cements, abandoned tiles including those which disappeared belonged to the public as their tax money was spent on procuring them. What kind of Governance is it? The public has had enough of your mood swings. It’s better to start focusing on public service dear Government or you’ll be inviting inevitable chaos.

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