hpu campus violence

Unceasing unrest in HPU, who must take the batten and restore order?

hpu campus violence

Following prevalent condition in the State University somewhat closely, I have been pulled by curiosity to learn who is actually interested in using the university for the purpose it is instated.

Is it a student body, led by some able young minds depicting leadership potentials; the Vice Chancellor in-charge playing hide-and-seek, or the Congress-led government in the state that seems least interested in instating order?
Compulsive stand of the VC over fee hike and calling off the elections for SCA has hit the students in the University most adversely. And rightly so; there are so many things that seem wrong with the decision, which is being uncompromisingly supported by the Government.

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Staying conservative in approach, and timidly vocal, students walk the corridors of the University in search of their classes; classes which are devoid of students and teachers.

The University is badly off course, scholars have taken to the streets protesting against the inappropriate decision of fee hike; but there is no management concern since the last 20 odd days.

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Media is in a good position to show things at face value. The condition in this case is shady. Media has been speaking a biased tone, and education is suffering big time.

Irrespective of how things are unfolding, and what neutral eyes witnessing the scene may observe; mainstream newspapers such as the Amar Ujaala are taking this as an opportunity to earn brownie points. Biased journalism seems riding above ethical journalism and manipulated facts are being served to the public for breakfast.

Opinion contributed by: Bharat Sharma, Shimla

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