Shimla roads still unsafe, appropriate roadside safety measures missing


SHIMLA– Right from the beginning, HW regularly approached the Govt. with complaints highlighting a need of better roadside safety measures like proper parapets and safety of railings, at least, on identified lethal spots throughout Shimla. Many readers sent us pictures from various parts of Shimla, confirming the prevalence of carelessness on the part of the Govt.

In the year 2014 itself, 557 persons have been killed and 2612 injured in 1422 accidents reported upto June 30. In its September 18 order, Himachal Pradesh High Court had directed the state government to create a Motor Accidents Claims monitoring cell in each district headed by the DSPs to monitor the compliance of the mandatory provisions of Motor Vehicle Act. However, it seems nothing has changed as the number of accident and causalities in these accident continued to grow rapidly even after June.


Now, years after complaints, a couple of these spots on bypass have received relief in the form of some safety railings, but most of them remain unsafe.

Obviously, the Govt., PWD, and Shimla MC did not let their reputation down, and responded to public complaints in documents only except a couple of spots where safety railings were installed like the one where IPS Chandrashakher died in a car (Nano) accident after it rolled down due the absence of any sort of safety measures.

You can read about IPS Chandrashaker Car Accident Here.

Human lives, especially those of common creatures, for our Govt. do have a place, but always at the bottom of the list.


In couple of past year, the number of road accident has seen a rise in Himachal. Not all of these accidents could be justified by blaming the drivers. Govt. shares a lot of responsibility here. Making roads safe in in a hilly terrain like ours require a lot more efforts than what’s being done.

We would request are readers and members to help us highlight such dangerous spots on Himachal roads which are unsafe and unprotected. Your effort could help save some of the lives, if not all. All you need to do is to click the photographs of the spot and mail them at editor [at]himachalwatcher[dot]com or post them directly in HW UrNews Section for instant posting.

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