Shimla Ward No. 2 turning into stinking hell, councilor remains indifferent


SHIMLA – Ward Councilors of Shimla, like most of the politicians, are carefree after the election results were declared. All the care and assurances of betterment and dedicated public service are marketing words to be utilized right before the elections. After that their wards rots or stinks, it never bother most of them.

Here is another capable and dedicated councilor – Mrs. Sarjo Thakur, the ward councilor for Ward No-2 in Shimla. A distressed resident ultimately did bother to write to us with an appeal to highlight the hell like condition of the ward, the roads, the retaining walls, leaking sewerage pipes, and heaps of debris and construction rubble on roadsides. The road that leads to Fingask Estate from Kalibar has become a tough task to cross owing to the huge ditches filled with leaking sewage and water from MC supply pipes.

Here is the original grievance sent by an HW reader and an aware resident of Fingask Estate

I am the resident of north bank building, below Fingask Estate, near hotel Tirupati.

This is to bring in your kind notice about the conditions of the road from the ending point of Kali Bari stairs till north bank building, neat Hotel Tirupati Palace, Ward No-2 (Councilor –Smt. Saroj Thakur). I am sending some photos, which will depict the scene more clearly to you. The condition of roads of entire area is very bad, details are mention below:

shimla mc

1. Heaps of rubble are lying in the middle of the road from past 6 months which blocks ambulance to come in that area.

sewage at shimla city bad-roads-shimla

2. Sewerage lines of open latrines are broken and leaking for the past one month. All of sewage is spread all over the road which can cause a major health trouble to the resident of the area.

3. Retaining walls, adjoining to the entire road, are in a very poor condition, and someday, it’s likely to cause mishap or accident for sure.

-finghask-hotel-tirupati-ward-2 fingas

4. The road is full of big ditches, isn’t tarred for past 3 – 5 years.

5. The garbage and other waste is lying all over the area, which attracts a lot of monkeys. There have been already many monkey attacks on the people using the road.

roads in finghas estate shimla north-bank-building finghask-estate-near-hotel-tirupati

We hope, our readers and the Shimla MC would go through the images sent by this resident. It’s an unbearable act of ignorance on the part of both, Shimla MC and the Ward Councilor. The councilor has failed the whole purpose of electing a public representative to look after their ward. There is no supervision of these councilors by either MC Commissioner or the mayor. Not to forget, the Govt. itself is a failure when we talk about the sanitary conditions, garbage and waste management, and road conditions.

Shimla city is getting crowded very rapidly, but the vision of SMC and that of the Govt. could never see even the most obvious needs and measure to be taken to manage this increasing crowd. We blame public for not sticking to laws, rules & regulations, but more than that we wonder what their representatives wait for. Shimla MC has got all the time for god knows what, but not for its duties only.

“The insufficiency of funds is the cause”, that’s what MC had been and is still crying, like always. Then, where does the tax money disappear? Is there no money to spend on the public facilities, nothing at all?

However, we would approach the MC Commissioner, the Ward Councilor, and the mayor of Shimla, and will be bringing you their responses to this distressed call made by a resident of the city.

We would also like to request our other readers to help us highlight such issues. All you need to do is to click some pictures depicting the grievance, and mail us at editor[at]himachalwatcher [dot]com or directly submit them in HW UrNews Sections.

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