Poor, dusty road conditions, garbage trouble haunt Chamyana Panchayat


SHIMLA– A resident of Bhattakufar had written to HW regarding a public grievance – the condition of Chamyana Panchayat in Shimla. The complaint mentioned garbage trouble and poor condition of road leading to the area, as usual. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make a visit to area ourselves, and the grievance went unnoticed.

However, the Pradhan of the panchayat made sure nothing changes there. We visited the area and found that issues remain where they were one year ago, rather worse.


In addition to usual littering trouble, huge pile of garbage is in formation at the little biodegradable and non-Biodegradable Solid Waste management unit. The heap has been getting bigger and bigger as the waste isn’t transported to proper waste treatment facility or we can say that it couldn’t be removed because the only waste treatment plant (In Totu) isn’t working. Rather, the plant has become a landfill.


Shimla MC took a long time to issue a notice to the plant regarding irregularities prevailing inside it.

Littering and poor garbage disposal habits are one reason Shimla is getting uglier with each passing day, and the incompetence of corrupt Govt. to regulate the management of waste constitutes the second major reason. The Shimla city is expanding. In next five years, we’ll see many villages coming under urban regulations.

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This change would ask for better and more efficient strategies to deal with increasing amount of produced garbage and other waste.

sewage at shimla city
There is one more trouble haunting Shimla – the leakage and overflowing sewage drains. Amazingly, the public’s pace of adapting to stinking roads, illed with filth, is incredibly fast.


Recent launch of ‘Clean India Campaign’ was all praise as, for that one day, many politicians, high rank officers held brooms in their hands for a while. Newspapers took pride in publishing photos showing them sweeping already clean spots.

There are others who aren’t associated with the political parties or with the Govt., but found the topic as an excellent opportunity to grab attention of the public. Some argue that something is better than nothing and these people , at least, did cleaned some of the garbage if not all. That’s where India is far behind from the developed nations. The folks here really lack comprehension of environmentally sensitive issues and they are always inclined to follow hypocritical trends after their favorite political party or its leaders.

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