HPU Hostel Girls forced to fight monkeys, Thanks to ADN Bajpai

SHIMLA- Yesterday, an HPU student mailed us a few images showing administration’s carelessness towards grievance of girls in HPU hostels . HPU hiked its fees to match the standards of private colleges and varsities, and this is what they are providing on the name of facility to the students.

The mail said,

Today, while I and my roommate were sleeping, a portion of roof collapsed and landed inside the room (Renuka Girls Hostel, Room No. 76) today morning at 6:30 AM due to monkey menace on the roof. About five monkeys tried to enter into the room. We tried to protect ourselves with the help of water and blanket. It all happened at the entry of our room and our door was locked from inside. We live on the top floor so windows were also useless for us. So we were left with no other option but to fight with all energy to save our lives. After this horrible struggle, somehow, we managed to get to the door and run outside the room.

There is a gate on the roof that always remains open, and gives entry point to monkeys. We have been making regular complaints requesting the administration to close that gate permanently but nothing was ever done by anyone.”

We were also told that when complained is made to authorities, the officials switched off their mobiles. Well done HPU administration and its head, ADN Bajpai. Everything is upto the expectations considering your record in HPU as well as at other varsities us served.

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