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Extremity of HP Govt.’s corruption – Swallows share of deaf & blind students

After human rights violation was disclosed at Nari Sewa Sadan Mashobra, Dhalli school for deaf and blind students was found being run in complete violation of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995. The kids don’t get uniforms, no art, music, maths, science teachers, school lacks sufficient classrooms, special aids (technical equipments and gadgets) for children are missing

SHIMLA: In a shocking disclosure, a grieve issue of violation of rights of the blind and deaf students of special school at Dhalli, Shimla has come up. The school, being run by H.P. State Council for Child Welfare, is not even providing school uniform to the students.

It was revealed, again, by Ajai Srivastva, chairman of Umang Foundation. In a letter to the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh Shrivastva said that the Child Welfare Council and Department of Social Justice have badly failed to run special schools which should be handover to Education Department. It further said that some corrupt and disgusting officers of the Child Welfare Council and Directorate of SC, OBC & Minority Affairs have always been painting very rosy pictures before the CM.

There are about 125 students in the special school at Dhalli. But no student has been given school uniform. Most of the students are from poor families who can not afford to purchase uniforms. There is a shortage of class rooms. There are only six class rooms for ten classes of deaf students from 1st to 10th standard. How is it possible to accommodate 10 classes in six rooms? There are only three class rooms for ten classes of blind students from 1st to 10th standard. Again, it’s no better than the way cattle are treated or chicken at poultry farm.

There is an acute shortage of teachers for the blind and deaf students. For example, there are no teacher for science, maths and music for blind students from 1st to 10th standard. It is a known fact that apart from other fields, blind students can excel in the field of music; but unfortunately they are deprived of their biggest opportunity.

For deaf students, there are no teacher for science, Maths and Arts from 1st to 10th standard. The world has known many exceptional cases where deaf students excelled in the field of fine Arts. Again, the corruption and incapability of HP Govt. snatched the rights of these disabled kids.

There is no facility of “Talking Library” for blind students in the school. The blind students are not being provided with modern gadgets like Angel Players etc. and audio books for their smooth study. The blind and deaf students have no subject-wise teachers in the school. There is no Audiologist for deaf students.

The Educational and Vocational Training Centre (EVTC) on the campus which was started years ago to impart vocational training to the blind and deaf students is defunct and being run on papers only for the last couple of years. The Council or the Department is not bothered about the future of these poor students.

The Special School is a school for the name sake only and is playing with the future of blind and deaf students. Human rights of the disabled students are blatantly violated.

Umang Foundation had constantly raised these issues at different levels during the previous government also. But not even a single Govt. body moved a muscle to improve the condition of the Special School. The Chief Minister had announced that the school will be upgraded up to 12th standard. But the provided infrastructure and teaching faculty is not sufficient for even the present level and this school is being run in violation of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995

It is also clear that the Child Welfare Council has badly failed to run the Special School.

Earlier, Umang Foundation had reported blatant violation of human rights at the Nari Sewa Sandan (Home for destitute women) in Mashobra, that is literally degenerated condition of inmates as women aren’t provided with sanitary napkins, and had developed infection in their private parts due to unhygienic conditions. It was no surprise to hear that no psychologist or psychiatrist was available for 26 mentally ill inmates.


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Ajai Shrivastva in his letter requested to Virbhadra Singh to kindly give a serious thought to his old demand to handover this school and other special school for blind and deaf girls at Sundarnagar to the Department of Education. The Council or the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment have no right to run special schools if their disabled children are deprived of right to education in an appropriate environment.

Dear HP Govt., Umang Foundation might have been very polite while raising this issue to attract your attention. However, we have no doubt that the Govt. including Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh is already aware of what’s going on in every department. It’s just that they don’t care; no one cares about these kids who can’t fight for their rights. It’s a highly condemnable and matter of shame that HP Govt. has not even spared the funds for deaf and blind students.

What kind of governance is this? We are not sure why the public don’t take notice of such an inhuman and insensitive attitude towards disabled kids or destitute and mentally challenged women, homeless elderly people.
Have a little shame. Please, spare the school for special children and shelters for others will either physical or mental disabilities.

We are thankful to Ajai Shrivastva for his extraordinary efforts to get justice to these unfortunate victims of corruption in our Govt. However, the Govt. is failing him, we are failing him and these children.

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