Shocking: Expired medicines being circulated to TB patient in Palampur

PALAMPUR – One of our readers from Palampur sent us a picture showing us a strip of expired tablets. He wrote that these TB tablets were provided to a patient, who is taking treatment from Tanda Medical College & Hospital. Yet again, our Govt. displayed their ignorance towards such a critical issue that pertains to health hazards of people. The complainant further said,

A TB Department team delivers monthly stock of medicine at Bhawarna Health Center and patients in nearby village are asked to collect their dose from there. This time, like always, patient visited the medical store to procure her tablets. Luckily, patient checked it for expiry date first. The tablets were expired. The expiry date was January 2015.

When the issue was reported to Dr. Rajesh Sood, he didn’t take any responsibility for it. He also denied replacement saying he is out of stock and patient have to purchase it from the medical store. However the team, that had delivered the stock at this medical store, immediately contacted the store owner and withdrew the stock of expired tablets.

A TB patient is required to take 5-6 tablets a day and expired medicine can lead to a health disaster. Literally, our Govt. and our health minister Kaul Singh Thakur are playing with the lives of people.

Tanda medical college 2

HP Govt. and corrupt, careless, and irresponsible medical staff are and have always been treating common people nothing more than insects. There are exceptional cases where health staff dedicatedly performs their duty, even beyond it. However, such people are rare to find.

Himachal health services

To all others, matters of life and death fail to register any difference in their attitude. A month ago, syringes with fungus were caught at Tanda after reports. There isn’t even a doctor at Tanda TB Resistant Centre. Even otherwise, IGMC and Tanda are facing staff shortage. Clearly, our Govt. doesn’t care its people live or die.

IGMC shimla

IGMC had to shut down testing for seven diseases as Himachal’s biggest medical college and hospital ran out of kits. It was a jackpot for private laboratories and clinics; a perfect opportunity to exploit this situation. People were forced to pay heavy fees to these private clinics.

Shimla IGMC

A couple of days ago, a news in a local daily reported death of three children at IGMC in five days owing to lack of facilities. The wards are overcrowded and every single bed is shared by two patients. Not only the hygienic conditions are pathetic, but concern of health staff is very poor.

Despite claims of Kaul Singh Thakur that Himachal ready to combat swine flu, 24 deaths were reported in a period of 2-3 months. But for our health minister and the chief minister, Himachal was fully prepared to deal with swine flu.

Each one of us aware of the corruption that has crawled into our society and our Govt. Surprisingly, the pubic prefer to remain silent and encourage corruption in our society and our Govt. system. We guess, we are the reason behind our own misery. This is the reason why corruption is increasing in India even after six decades of independence from British colonial rule. However, for common man, Govt. is a ruler and everyone is ought to bow to politicians whenever they pass in their red beacon cars. People are ought to be afraid them.

Our MLAs can hike their wages and allowances whenever they feel to do so, but for common men, the State is always in a financial crunch. Then, we wonder from where all that money comes that is spent on their luxuries. Public pay taxes on everything they earn, buy or sell. Then, where does that tax money disappear.

The students are burdened with heavy fees and health facilities are as poor as they can be. Education and health facilities are two basic promises of democratic system. But in Himachal, both of them receive minimum attention. What kind of democratic and welfare state is it? Choice is ours whether to be silent and watch this drama of political and individual corruption while we suffer due to insensitivity of our own Govt.

This incident was reported by Deepak Chauhan from Palampur. If you have any question regarding this, you can reach out to him here.

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