Adopt stray dogs, give them a chance to survive

One of the HW readers from Tutikandi in Shimla requested us to share this message with our community members and readers.

These five cute puppies could be seen cuddling and playing with each other on Tutikandi zoo road. They are homeless and need a shelter. Otherwise, not all of them will make it. Most probably, one or two will survive as they struggle to get food.

Nature has given all living beings an equal opportunity and resources necessary for survival. However, in modern civilization, the animal habitat and their share of resources is being taken over by humans. These innocent creatures are considered as nuisance, and plonked inside the jerry rigged MC dog shelters, where they, finally, scum to death.

It’s just that they are actually trapped in cities. They have less chances of survival in cities because the Govt.–who doesn’t care about human lives at all – wouldn’t pay any attention to these innocent canine friends as they are not their vote bank.

However, we can create little opportunities to get them justice. Please, come ahead and adopt stray dogs.

Giving one dog shelter will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

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