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This Himachal couple is an example of unconditional love and compassion for animals

MANALI – Mrs. Yamuna Sharma and Mr. Jagannath Sharma, this couple has set a great example in Bhajogi area of Manali, Himachal. They have given shelter to stray cows, calves, stray dogs, and bulls.

The couple prepared a shed for these animals and has been looking after them for long. There is neither any NGO nor any Govt. aid label to mention behind this initiative. It’s completely motivated by unconditional love for other living forms of Mother Nature.

It all started a few years back. Mrs. Sharma used to feed some stray dogs who visited their door often. In winters, she couldn’t see them shivering under open sky, so she prepared a shed for them near her house. She provided care for diseased and sick dogs along with vasectomy. The number of dogs increased to eight, so did her compassion for animals.

Similarly, the couple adopted two stray cows which used to roam around their house. More members kept coming into this small family. The couple has taken full responsibility of feeding them, cleaning their shed. However, when the number grew, the couple went a step ahead on the path of humanity. They took a part of land on lease near their home and prepared a better and bigger shelter for all animals they had adopted.

Now, Mr. Sharma daily get grass and fodder for cows and bulls and feeds the dog according to a schedule that starts early morning. She takes the cows in sun during day and cleans the shed. Mr. Sharma bought a kilta (a basket used to carry grass and fodder for cattle). She puts it near vegetable shops and brings back all the collected vegetable and fruit leftovers to home on her back. She has named them all.

Mr. Sharma had found a dog on streets. He saved it from a dog fight in a parking lot and brought it home. Now, all the dogs protect the cattle as well as the home.

The couple never thought about shifting the animals to ‘Gaushala’ or any such shelter because they have witnessed insensitive treatment of animals in such places. They have seen calves suffering from malnutrition and have witnessed starving cows. They are aware that these animal shelters means worst life any living form can be forced to live.

Recently, one of the cows gave birth to a calf, and it was named Ponko. The couple loves them like their children. They aren’t burden for them. This family lives in ward number – 2 on Gurudwara road in Manali. If you ever visit Manali, you can witness man and animals living in harmony with nature.

This story was shared with us one of our reader, Sunny Sharma, after he saw one of our stories on abandoned, injured cow in Ani. He also sent us images when we request for some. Although, he didn’t asked us to publish it. Rather, he was happy to share his experience with HW. However, we saw it as an ideal example of an ideal society that respects animals and is moved by their suffering.

The final piece of conversation includes a line in which he said,

They are my parents and I am really proud of them. I wish every human being could learn to respect and treat animals with such compassion.

Of course, he does have a reason for being proud of his parents.

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