Why never drink and ride a two wheeler – A tale!

SHIMLA- Last night, I left from home at about 8:15 PM to attend a dinner party at my friend’s place in Totu. A couple of curves ahead of New ISBT, 100 meters towards MLA crossing, near the PWD shed, a bike rider had met with an accident. I stopped my bike and ran to help the person who was being assisted to his feet by a couple of other men. He had broken a leg and had lost a few teeth, and he was bleeding profusely. I called 108, but meanwhile other men stopped a car for help.

I approached to get the guy into the car. I supported his broken leg, got him in the car and he was then taken to IGMC. While in the car, I noticed the guy was heavily drunk. Afterwards, I noticed one of my hands was completely drenched in in blood that flowed up my sleeves to the elbow.

Shimla bike accident

The biker had hit a PWD machine standing beside the road, and the condition of the rider and his bike clearly hinted at over-speeding. After colliding with the machine, the rider flew into the middle of the road, and the stains in the pictures verify that.

Shimla Accident
Neither, I had opportunity nor was it an appropriate moment to click photographs; so I came back to the spot next morning (today) and clicked some photos so I could share real life demonstration of consequences of driving after drinking.

blood on road

A local told me that the injured man is a conductor in a private bus (Mehata Bus Service) and lives in Shoghi, and it was his routine to drink after duty hours, and ride back to his home on bike. However, last night he experienced a trailer of what mix of drink and drive can do. I hope, he’ll get well soon, and won’t repeat the mistake.

drink and drive

I am thankful and praise all those who helped the injured biker, especially the man who drove him to hospital despite the fact that he had his family in the car. There were those who passed by ignoring our requests to stop the car to help, but Shimla still has got heart to come ahead to help. Moreover, like this guy, someday, I may land in a situation where I may need help, and so it apply to each and everyone on of us. I felt a little useful and worth human life after helping that guy along with others, but I don’t know about those who pushed their accelerator even more when we were shouting for help.

I, too, ride my bike everyday, but luckily I don’t drink except a couple of occasions in a year. I make sure, I am not driving after drinks.

I don’t think that there is much to say about it. You can see why you must not drink and drive, and especially ride a two wheeler. When we do that, we not only risk our lives, but that of others around us including our families.

Credits: Posted by Pankaj Sharma, an HW Community Member, Shimla

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