Mentally challenged women forced to work as 24 x 7 maids with AIDS patient

SHIMLA- In another allegation, a Shimla NGO accused Nari Sewa Sadan of putting the lives of two mentally challenged inmates in danger by illegally deputing them to work as 24X7 maid for another inmate (55) who is a full blown case of AIDS. The AIDS patient was admitted at Indira Gandhi Medical College Hospital. Both the female inmates of Nari Sewa Sadan are mentally challenged and lack any awareness regarding AIDS and prevention from infected person. Also, they clean the frail bed-ridden AIDS patients without necessary precautions.

Ajai Srivastava, chairman of the Umang Foundation, said that the ailing inmate was first admitted at the State Mental Hospital on 18th April, 2015 where she faced some serious health issues. She was admitted IGMC on April 28, and was diagnosed as full blown case of AIDS. The Nari Sewa Sadan deputed two inmates were deputed as attendants on 12 hours shifts basis. The disturbing part of the story is that the Sadan deputed one mentally challenged inmate on 28th April to clean the frail frame of the AIDS patient, which is an illegal act as no inmates can be assigned such work even inside the Destitute Homes.

The mentally challenged inmate forced to continuously work on 24X 7 basis with the AIDS patient at the hospital till she was called back after 10 days when she herself fell badly ill. She was replaced by another mentally challenged inmate on May 7.

Ajai Srivastava also alleged that the inmates of Nari Sewa Sadan are forced to work in the Sadan on regular basis in violation of norms. They clean the Sadan complex, cook meals and wash their cloths.

The home exploits inmates to do daily tasks such as cleaning for severely mentally sick and disabled inmates, who are not able to take care of themselves. In any society, such inhumanity is unacceptable.

Ajai Shrivastva termed it as a “gross violation of human rights of mentally challenged inmates” and urged the Government to immediately order a high level inquiry and take stringent action against the guilty.

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Umang Foundation, a public welfare trust working for the disabled and destitute, has been regularly reporting violation of human rights at Nari Sew Sadan run under the Department of Women and Child Development. In March this year, through an RTI, the trust had made shocking revelations.

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As per information received through the RTI, the Govt. Home for Destitute don’t even provide Kafan (shroud) to dead, new born are separated from mothers, provided no psychologist and psychiatrist for 26 inmates suffering from mental illness, no sanitary napkins, no gynecologist for diseased, no heater in winters, and the home is rarely visited or inspected by any Govt. official and Director of Women and Child Development.

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