Another story of emergency number 100 response failure

SHIMLA- Ankit J Sharma, an HW reader from Shimla, wrote us about a grieve issue with emergency response number (100). His experience with emergency response explains lack of sensitivity in emergency response staff towards human lives. A citizen tries to report a rash driver of an overloaded truck that almost killed a women near Khallini in Shimla, and he gets a very discouraging response.

The complaint said:

“Does Shimla police has any control over reckless truckers or they can only catch bikers without second helmet?

Is emergency number 100 really made for an emergency?? Or they are just like normal staff on duty at telephone exchange. When you call 100, instead of connecting you to the concerned and nearest police station, they give you their landline number like telephone exchange staff does.

Today, I noticed a RED EICHER TRUCK bearing reg. no. HP 62 B 1890 on the way from Kanlog to BCS. He was insanely blowing PRESSURE HORN (banned) in the city and was way far overloaded than its capacity. On the turn before reaching the HPSEB office Khalini, he turned the truck on a curve rashly and the truck got tilted so bad that left rear wheel side of the truck went airborne. And the right rear side of the truck nearly went smashing a woman walking on the side of the road. The woman fell down and was saved by parapet. The escape was so narrow that the truck was about to roll over the lady but got through by nearly inches.

Emergency number 100 response failure

I called up on the emergency number – 100 to report and prevent any further mishaps by the truck driver. But what I heard was more insane. They wisely gave me the landline number of New Shimla Police Station. What they said was “sir ap New Shimla me baat kijiye”. I guess, it’s worthless to give a emergency number when it do not directly connects you to the nearest police station.

I want to ask the system. Why police control rooms and emergency numbers are provided when they cannot help people in emergency. On how many numbers can a person call in emergency. And who is responsible if this delay caused by dialing, note down new number, then dial it gain leads to any mishap ?”


Reg No. HP 62 B 1890
Spotted near HPSEB Office in Khalini
Time: 12:55 PM, May 12 2015

We have forwarded the complaint with details to Shimla Traffic Police for further action, and now we are desperate to know how much it cares for safety of people against reckless drivers.

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