Shimla cop caught violating traffic rule and risking life of other citizen to hide it

SHIMLA – Considering the leadership qualities and capabilities of Shimla SP, DW Negi, to maintain law and order, it’s nothing new to see policemen creating unlawful situations or violate laws. We had witnessed him supporting police staff even if it were at fault.

Policemen are humans too. There are people in police staff who are more human than a cop. Exceptional personalities are always there even in our highly corrupt system. Others can be erring bullies at time or and even violate common traffic laws. Here is one of such cops, who was spotted riding without second helmet in Shimla city. What he did later was more disturbing than the very fact that he was violating a traffic rule. The second cop had covered his head just with a hood. They noticed a camera aimed at them and this is what happened afterwards.

The policemen on the rear seat grabbed a helmet from a random biker stuck in traffic. Now, one of the other men was without helmet. The policeman was seen explaining something to them. The cops tried to hide their unlawful bike riding, but left the other man ride without a helmet. What kind of deal was it? Perhaps, the policeman was afraid of being spotted without helmet, so he compromised the situation by putting a common citizen’s life on stake. That doubles his error.

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Also, the Shimla Traffic Police was in mood today, and was seen issuing challans to many bikers without second helmets. Anyone who has already faced typical rude policemen with disrespectful manners and language will burst into a fit of anger on seeing a policemen riding without a helmet or talking on cellphone while driving. But most of the time, common people are too afraid to question policemen over violation of the same laws. All they feel is a kind of helplessness and suffocation to see someone enjoying privilege or immunity against laws just because he is wearing ‘Khaki’.

The moral isn’t that policemen should also get relief in some exceptional situations because common citizens mostly appeal with the same argument when caught violating a law. It’s just that law must treat each and everyone with equality. If it can’t, then the occasional immunity against laws for exceptions must be extended to civilians as well.

Further, policemen should understand that their uniform do not authorize them to show disregard to individual dignity of any citizen. Fear of law must prevail, but protectors of these laws must not become over-drunk with the power endowed to them to safeguard citizen and their rights.

So, we are asking Shimla Police to issue a challan to this erring cop and maintain the dignity of our constitution that claims equal treatment for anyone found violating defined laws irrespective of their position or influence in the Govt. machinery.


Vehicle: Motor bike
Vehicle Registration Number:HP 07 C 1494
Place: Near Firhill 103 hotel in Shimla
Time: 10:55 AM

Shimla cop caught violating traffic rule and risking life of other citizen to correct his fault

Shimla cop caught violating traffic rule and risking life of other citizen to correct his fault

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