Before flyovers and ropeways, Shimla city needs basic facilities

SHIMLA- Every year, Himachal Pradesh Government promises development of infrastructure in the state to promote tourism and offer facility to its public like good road connectivity. Bus stations are one of the necessities for quality transportation infrastructure. Here is one of the bus station in the busiest part of the capital city that connects Shimla with higher hills.

We already know about the condition of the roads and status of safety measures like crash barriers. They are pathetic as always. The roads are tarred but quality of material and labor remains too cheap to withstand even a few months.

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A lot of inaugurations and announcements are made, but the reality isn’t hidden from anyone. The condition of capital city- an international tourism destination- is enough to hint how much Himachal Pradesh’s government and people have done for the development of the state. Hundreds and thousands of crore rupees are sanctioned for transportation infrastructure every financial year. Most of it disappear and public rarely question the Govt. about details of how and where their tax money was spent.

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The Lakkar Bazaar bus stop is a busy one because it facilitates most of the buses routed towards upper-hill destinations. The bus stand is nothing more than a little dusty, rough patch of ground which isn’t even leveled.

The Govt. could not even tar its ground or develop it as a smooth and clean platform for buses and passengers. It appears like it wasn’t attended ever after it was established. The space around the bus stand is stinking and unhygienic as passengers don’t care where they pee or where they dispose waste. After all, there is nothing to spoil here.

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Seriously, the capacity and vision of our political representatives are in question if they can’t maintain such a small bust stand that can hardly accommodate more than 10-12 buses. In the capital city, people have accepted these degraded standards of government facilities, so no need to mention that in other districts, it’s worse than this.

The same Govt. talks of flyovers, ropeways, escalators and smart cities. However, the ground reality is that our Govt. is more interested in delivering announcements and claims, and less willing to execute them. Otherwise, how come the Govt. has got money for high-flying projects but not for small, basic facilities? People are also happy reading about all the developmental activities in newspapers. It doesn’t matter how much of it is accomplished. There isn’t any feeling such as that of a co-operative and responsible community in a democratic state.

On the name of development, all we can see, is deforestation and over-construction of private and commercial buildings.

People are afraid of its own Govt. and the power it gave to its representatives, and out of that fear most of them chose to live the lives of fearful flatterers and followers of political parties. They think, it’ll make their survival in highly corrupt society easier. There is no public to protest against errors of our Govt. There are only party sympathizers. The principal of ‘divide and rule’ is still working well in India. Our politicians have inherited the secret with which British had enslaved India.

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