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How India’s mainstream media sells sex online



Journalism is the fourth pillar of democracy, and India need it desperately because all other pillars are down with corruption. However, online avatars of popular mainstream media seem to have forgot that.

On screen nudity is a blasphemy in Indian culture, while in western film and TV industry, depiction of sexual behavior and activities has found acceptance long ago. In India, no one can dare to telecast uncut version of most of the Hollywood and other foreign films. The biggest argument is that such content is provocation for people, especially the young generation.

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Surf through online editions of Hindi dailies like Amar Ujala or mainstream news channels like ABP News, Zee News etc., and you’ll realize that our mainstream media is laying focus on the most common and tempting subject – sensual Bollywood spice with titles that will compel anyone to click on the story.

Is hero ke saath dhai ghante bina kapadon ke rahengi Sunny Leon, wo bhi nahi pahnenge kapada..Permalink

– that’s a title from Amar Ujala.

The resourcefulness of these publishers and channels is quite impressive. If they do not find clear still images, then screenshots from videos also sell well. The tempted readers click on the the permalink, but mostly they face disappointment. There is no honesty even in selling sex. Such news not only waste money, but valuable time of people too.

The titles are cunningly phrased, and they assure more adult content under a cover of news update. The reader lured to click on the URL posted on social media sites like Facebook. This trick fetches lakhs of visitors on their website. High reader visits mean more money. Once the readers land on their official websites, they are given glimpses of more tempting content and multimedia.

The titles’ are amusing. Some of them are phrased like,

Kitni ashleel hai nai film ki ye tasvirain, kya apne dekhi, nahi dekhi to gallery dekhen ke liye click karain… Permalink

We have some screenshots from Facebook pages of these newspapers and media channels. The screenshots are taken on different dates. Take a look.

Car main bold scene dene ke baad is tarah kapade pahante dikhi Priyanka Chopra ..Permalink

,said one of Amar Ujala’s titles. No doubt, it takes skills to be so specific while giving titles. Titles are the trailer of any news and they must be tempting assurance for more.

The titles suggest that their main audience is those readers who are looking for online Hindi news platforms and are new to Internet age.

Here is another update that says:

Heroino ke in kapdon main sab-kuch dikhta hai aar paar, aap khud he dekh lijiye…URL

What kind of information is that dear Amar Ujala?

Such stories hold no relevance and are completely unwanted in our mainstream media. The nation needs media that could help empower citizens, thus, empower the democracy. India is crippled with corruption and media too have joined the club of opportunists who doesn’t see pain and distress of people as issues but mere higher TRP. Presently, such absurd content will contribute in no way in any kind of development or social-reforms. It’s completely unwanted subject-material being served to readers. Lifestyle and celebrity magazines are already covering such news.

In Indian cinema as well as in mainstream media, everyone knows that nothing sells quicker than sex, but they do not acknowledge it clearly, rather, they serve it indirectly. It’s served because it sells and because of its demand.

Even the Hindu outfits don’t object to these main stream media platforms, but they will file FIR against Sunny Leon with a demand of her deportation. A couple of weeks ago Sunny Leon was booked by police after Hindu Janjagruti Samiti member filed an FIR alleging that Sunny Leon is inducing lust in young minds. Hindu outfit also alleged that several posts and pictures of the actor on her website were “objectionable.” The HJS demanded that she should be deported from India.

Moral of the story is that Indian mainstream media is a mere reflection of its viewers and readers. The advocates of Indian culture are still scratching the surface of reality. The truth is beyond every religion or institution. Truth is God. Our society is growing into a pool of hypocrites in many social and ethical manners. We need to stand by the truth no matter how weird or bitter it is.

Madan has studied English Literature and Journalism from HP University and lives in Shimla. He is an amateur photographer and has been writing on topics ranging from environmental, socio-economic, development programs, education, eco-tourism, eco-friendly lifestyle and to green technologies for over 9 years now. He has an inclination for all things green, wonderful and loves to live in solitude. When not writing, he can be seen wandering, trying to capture the world around him in his DSLR lens.