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My unforgettable walk with a ghost in Shimla

SHIMLA – This could be the first time that I was scared by one of the stunningly beautiful girl I ever encountered. I was coming to my home town Shimla from Delhi, where I work with an I.T Company.

After 8 hours of long journey, finally I reached the new ISBT Shimla. It was already 01:30 am, and the next local bus was scheduled to ply by 03:30 in the morning to my destination. A thought occurred to me that I should walk to my home as it was just half an hour walk till by-pass and from there I could get some other bus. I stretched my legs, took a long breath and started walking towards the bypass.

As I was walking alone on an isolated road in darkness, I started thinking about all the paranormal activity around Shimla that people often talk about.

I am 28-years old, but deep down we all are scared. Aren’t we?

After 10-15 minutes of walk I felt that somebody is following me and I turned back swiftly to find out what it is. Obviously, there was nothing, not even the sound of the wind. What was it? Was it just my own obsession and curiosity to find out the truth about ‘Shimla Ghost Stories’ that led to some self-created illusion of a ghost or it was actually a paranormal disturbance? May be, the ghost stories are true? This debate is unavoidable when you are fascinated by paranormal world and you happen to be in the middle of an isolated road, mostly filled with darkness, deepened by pin drop silence.

Anyway, I tried to ignore it and started walking again but this time my pace was a bit faster as compare to before. My head was messed up. A few minutes later something tapped on my shoulder. I was sure that somebody is definitely behind me. May be, my mind wasn’t playing tricks. I turned back with all courage I could muster at that moment to figure out who is it behind me. Again there was nothing, I turned my neck to 90 degrees to check my shoulder if everything was OK as I could still feel the warmth of a human hand.

Again, my doubt surfaced. “Definitely my brain is making up all this”, I thought. Who else would think that a ghost just tapped on my shoulder? I was still not near to any place with light and I saw no one around me for a company.

Now, I fastened my pace and wanted to get out of that dark and lonely road that appeared to be haunting me. Geez! I see some light, there is a taxi stand and I could see few people chatting. I was literally running towards them, when I reached there, I was trying to act normal by controlling my breath rate and bringing it to normal.
“Would you mind dropping me at Sanjauli?” I asked one of the driver.

“Of course, it will cost you 400 bucks”, replied the driver.

“I am not a tourist; it is only 2 miles from here”, I added.

To convince him that I am a local, I started insisting him in Pahari dialect to finalize it at Rs.200/.
He was ready to drop me, I got into the taxi and in less than 15 minutes I was at the place from where I had to go on foot to reach at my home. I paid for the taxi and started walking towards my home. The fear of unknown gripped me again as I had to walk for at least 20 minutes to reach at home. I started walking faster like the hellhound is chasing me. It was like my imagination came true. I heard a female voice and it was calling me, “Aditya wait for me”.

I turned back and shouted in fear “who is there?” This time I wasn’t making things up, somebody was definitely following me since the bus stand. I could see a girl standing just a few feet away from me.

She was no more than a chill in the air, a shimmer of mist, diffuse. Her face was pale, almost transparent, blank, deep eyes with depth like a soul trying to suck you in. It just gives off that chilling vibe like you’ll never be happy again. What are you doing here at this hour of night, and how do you know my name. I bombarded her with questions. I was surprised to see that she appeared out of thin air and there was nobody around me. I could have had a heart attack at the very spot. I tried to leave that place and run for safety but my feet didn’t move as some unknown power has seized me, and I was cold and numb. I tried to shout for help but it felt like my voice is being trapped inside my throat.

Hallelujah! I saw someone at a distance, a known face. I was nervously waving my hand like I had been trapped on a deserted island and this is the first ship I have spotted in weeks’. It was none other than our neighbor Babu Lal. God sent him for my rescue; I tried to stifle all my fear with best of my abilities. Looking at my Grimace, he asked what’s wrong. I hugged him so tightly that I could hear his bones crackling. He quickly understood my situation and helped to me reach my home.

Thought of that night still makes me terrified to the bone, a walk that I can never forget. I still doubt if it was just my head messing with me because I keep following paranormal stories or phenomenon or it was actually real. I hope, people will share their experience if any of them ever experienced something similar.

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A story by Vishal Kumar, Chandigarh

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