Real life heroes

Team of dedicated Himachal guides saves life of Korean trekkers

MANALI – This incident took place on the Stok Kangri route in Ladakh near the campsite at Changma at 8:00 pm on July 30, 2015 – 2 Korean trekkers were saved due to the quick response of this team of guides from Manali.

Their dedication towards their profession in whatever conditions – sun, rain or snow was commendable and beyond any words of praise.

The swiftness with which they acted, the apt decisions taken and put in action with no delay – be it monitoring the condition of an individual being treated in the oxygen chamber or administering oxygen to a victim of AMS (acute mountain sickness), making a makeshift stretcher with the tent poles or deciding to take the affected person to the nearest village on the stretcher, with an oxygen cylinder connected, on a cold dark night on a rocky path (on which we were stumbling in broad daylight) with a couple of stream crossings – their main focus was how to save a life.

Kudos to all these real life heroes – Ganga Ram and team! Without you the 2 people wouldn’t have got a second chance to live.

We were lucky to have these selfless saviours of life as our guides on our expedition to Stok Kangri! A salute to the unsung heroes.

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