Dog ran over by vehicle succumbs to injuries, CPI (M) sympathizers ridicule HW for showing concern for a stray dog

Last Saturday, we had found a dog trashing about on a roadside in Kasumpti. We had taken it to the hospital. On Monday (today) we visited the sterilization centre where it was transferred. According to the vet, it had died before he could attend it after two days of holiday.

As per the Municipal vet, there is no provision for rescue, help or treatment for stray animals. No dog shelter exists in Shimla. Neither it’s possible to treat a dog as there are no such facilities available. There is only a dog sterilization centre and dogs are not given shelter here. They are captured, sterilized and released.

Pankaj Kumar

CPI (M) sympathizers are ridiculing our concern over a stray dog. One of the causes is that we had mentioned the name of Deputy Mayor and Mayor in our social media updates – CPI (M) leaders. According to them, it was a drama created by HW.

We aren’t sure how many other readers and citizen share the same view. But in our view, it was really hard to stand the sight of a dog trashing about on a roadside for hours while it continuously bled. However, it’s really unfortunate that Himachal Pradesh Government has not done anything to attend to such cases where stray animals are either hit by vehicles or are injured due to any other reason. The vet had suggested euthanizing the injured dog to relieve it from pain. The vets clarified that it was not possible to treat the dog as they don’t have required facility. What they can do is to sterilize the dogs, nothing else.

We did what we deemed appropriate. However, we have a question to authorities and CIP (M) party sympathizers. On what number you expect people to call if they come across any such incident? Did you ever advertise any helpline number or other contact number ever?

Also, we would like to request to citizens to pay attention to the root cause behind the rising population of stray dogs, monkeys etc. It’s littering of food waste that attracts them to cities. This includes open heaps of waste lying on roadsides and open, overflowing garbage dumpers that are not attended for days. These animals come for food, and around cities and areas with dense population, the littering activity is high. These animals have no interest in concrete infrastructure or city lifestyle.

Newspapers, politicians, and victims of dog and monkey bites present these animals like villains. However, they do not attend to the root cause of this conflict.

Everyone including public, who is littering, is responsible for inviting stray animals to cities. Moreover, Shimla MC’s capability to make policy for proper segregation and disposal of waste is clearly visible. If you wish to keep away the animals from roads or your locality, then ensure cleanliness and proper disposal of food waste.

We are thankful to everyone who came ahead to help this poor creature. We also appreciate people who came ahead to bear the expanses of the treatment as well as adopt the dog. After all, there are people with heart who can relate to pain of all other living creatures.

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