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Shimla Jaundice Outbreak: No action against treatment plant contractor despite FIR

SHIMLA- It’s really disheartening to realize that Himachal Pradesh Government with all its ministers and politicians from both Congress and BJP could not provide clean drinking water to Shimla city since formation of the state 45 years ago. Out of this period, Congress ruled the state for about 30 years.

In 2016, government is serving sewerage contaminated water to its people. On the top of it, no action has been initiated against the responsible officials of IPH and Municipal Corporation who put lives of thousands of people at risk.

The government was well aware of poor condition of Malyana Treatment Plant and Contaminated Ashwani Khud and cases of jaundice were also reported many times earlier. However, government did not attend to it and now it has become an epidemic with registration of over 8, 00 cases in Shimla city in past couple of months.

In last 20 days, over 600 cases of jaundice were reported as per official data. A couple of days ago, a woman died of jaundice in Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla after giving birth to a baby. Still, no action has been taken against officials of IPH department or any authority responsible to ensure clean, safe drinking water supply to Shimla city.

While, IPH department is silent about this sever jaundice breakout, the Deputy Mayor of Shimla, Tikendar Panwar has once again launched direct attack on HP Government and asked it to show its wit and will and take action against the contractor of Malyana Sewerage Treatment Plant who is prima facie responsible for the outbreak of Jaundice in Shimla city

Despite an FIR against the contractor no action has been taken. In fact, similar circumstances had appeared in 2011 as well and the same sewerage treatment plant was blamed as the prime source of the outbreak and spread of Jaundice in the city, he said.

According to report in newspapers after this incident, the government had ensured that a centrifuge machine with proper treatment would be installed at Malyana plant. However, nothing was done in last five years that describes the inept functioning of the IPH department and the contractor who was supposed to treat the sewerage properly.

The demands including that of a centrifuge machine and lifting of sludge wasn’t attended at all.

Panwar further added that the samples collected from various water sources must be sent to Pune lab to test it for hepatitis virus, especially from Malyana Khud and Ashwinin Khud. Joint samples should be taken by both the MC and IPH teams to ensure complete transparency in this investigation.

Therefore, no water must be lifted from Ashwini Khud till the results are out.
Efforts must be made to work out for lifting water from two neighbouring khuds namely Brandi and Koti

The deputy Mayor has asked the government to install modern technologies like reverses osmosis/ozonisation for water treatment plant in Ashwini Khud.

Meanwhile, the Shimla MC and health department Shimla have launched a massive awareness campaign to educate people about spread of Hepatitis and its prevention in the Shimla city.

He also informed that convergence of various institutions is working not just to educate the people but also to collect samples from houses. Through its workers, the health department is moving door to door in severely affected zones of the city.

Deputy Mayor ensured that the Shimla MC will work in the in larger interests of the people so that potable, clean water, which is worth drinking, is supplied to the people of Shimla.

Photos: Amar Ujala

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