Boom Shankar Boom By Pankaj Badra

“Boom Shiv Boom” – New video song from multi-talented Himachal artist as tribute to Lord Shiva

SHIMLA – This Shivratri, a multi-talented artist from Himachal has released his new song dedicated to bond the Lord Shiva and his followers share. The video song is a blend of modern music with words of praise for the Lord, which makes it a different musical and spiritual treat. Lyrics glorify attributes of the very character of Lord Shiva – a yogi, the protector and the destroyer of the universe.

Pankaj Badra, who belongs to Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, is an actor, songwriter, guitarist, traveler, activist and one of the finalists of the Channel V Pop Stars. So far he has appeared in three feature films and has been part of TV shows as well. Other than being an artist, he is a member of protest group and musical band “Swaang.” He has also been associated with the band “Laman” for some time.

The video song “Boom Shiv Boom” is written, composed, and sung by Badra as a gesture of gratitude to Shiva. The dedication explores a relationship that derives its motivation not from the fear, but friendship and fascination about the Lord. The devotee (singer) is so mesmerized by his image and power to create and destroy that he requests the Lord to accept him as His servant like the ‘Nandi.’ Furthermore, he threatens to seek goddess Parvati’s intervention in the matter if the Lord refuses to embrace him.

As the scenes suggest aura of Shiva that encompasses limits of race, cast, religion, and nationalism and appeals to his fans worldwide, the very existence of Lord Shiva has been associated with quantum physical theory of creation of universe. The modern quantum physics relates its fundamental concept of creation of matter at subatomic level. At subatomic level, the particles, that are responsible for all creations in this universe, perform an energy dance; much like the one Lord Shiva has been depicted performing in Indian mythology.

There is no exaggeration about this association and A book “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra has aptly explored this association. Even the European Centre for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva-CERN had installed a two meter tall statue of Nataraja – the form of Shiva depicted in dance pose, in 2004.

When being asked about future explorations, Badra said that he was determined to explore Indian folk music and give it a place on international platform. He is fascinated by culture of his native state Himachal and wants to reach out to pioneer folk musicians and singers of the state.

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