HRTC Parwanoo

Shocking: HRTC driver smokes right in front of fuel machine while refueling bus

SHIMLA- An HRTC passenger, travelling from Shimla to Delhi, clicked a photo of the driver smoking while he refueled the bus at Parwanoo fuel station. That’s true. HRTC staff is silly enough to put entire fuel stations and life of people at stake so that drivers and conductors could enjoy their smoke.

Surprisingly, no one at the fuel station objected to it because it’s not a big deal at all. Couple of days ago, a passenger had caught driver of HRTC bus using his cellphone while driving. He recorded a video and sent it to the Transport Minister GS Bali. The driver was suspended. There have been many instances where such careless attitude of HRTC staff was reported, but it appears the ministry didn’t get time to brief the staff.

Now, smoking right in front of fuel machine is the height of carelessness. We are forwarding it to the transport minister appealing him to again brief HRTC staff to behave responsibly.

The passenger sent us this picture, but feared the driver might lose his job, so he edited it to conceal his identity.

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