Rented rooms in shimla

Sewage floods into homes of tenants in Shimla’s Chailli village from overflowing septic tank, owner refuses maintenance

SHIMLA- Vikram, a resident of Chaili village in Shimla reached Himachal Watcher with a dreadful situation he and his neighbor, Shashi, are facing in the building where they are living in rented rooms. But from last year, internal sewage drains started to leak and and septic tank is also overflowing.  The trouble continued to worsen for tenants living in the building. Currently the condition is so bad that leaked sewage is literally flooding  kitchens and bathrooms of tenants. When tenants requested the owner to fix it, he clearly refused to take any responsibility for its maintenance. Tenants face this problem in every two to three months, and every time it happens,  the tenants spent about Rs.4,000- 5, 000 out of their own pockets to get their homes cleaned.

Vikram sent us a couple of pictures he captured with his cellphone.

sewage chaili village

According to the complainant, the owner, Munnilal Thakur, who owns this building in village Chaili near Bells Institute, turned to abusing and threatening whenever tenants asked for maintenance.

The complainant and other tenants living in this building are economically weak and they could hardly think of changing accommodation, and the owner is exploiting this very situation. As a result, these tenants are forced to live in a miserable condition.


Similar is the condition in rural areas adjoining to urban Shimla. Urbanization is taking over Shimla quickly than its people or the government ever imagined. With growing urbanization more and more people taking to capital city from different districts. As urban Shimla is no more affordable for most of them, they search for accommodation in adjoining villages.

This trend is leading to haphazard construction in these areas, and owners hardly care about proper planning and long-term solutions to problems, such as sufficient sewerage disposal system.  The government completely failed to take control of situation in the city, and nearby villages are not even in focus. The administration must take note of such grieve issues before the situation gets out of hand, like it happened during jaundice outbreak in Shimla city. Moreover, administration must make sure tenants do not face exploitation from homeowners.

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