How Shimla Police making it easier for illegal dumpers to escape law (Video)

SHIMLA- Yesterday, a Himachal Watcher Community member came across a tempo-truck that was about to dump illegal construction waste on Shimla-Dhali bypass, not far from new ISBT Shimla at Tutikandi.  When the driver, accompanied by another man, noticed the member coming toward them, they just fled from the scene. The member chased him as he couldn’t note down the number.

However, the rear number plate of the vehicle was cleverly shrouded and was impossible to read from every angle. Take a look at the video clip:

Apparently, the culprits escaped easily. We are not quite sure whether these illegal dumpers have made some deal with police or not, but we are sure that indirectly lethargic attitude of Shimla Police is assisting them.

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Last year, in August, Himachal Watcher (HW) had written to Shimla Police about these tricks meant to obstruct visibility of number plates that pick-up and tempo-truck owners use when indulged in illegal activity.  HW had captured pictures of such vehicles in Shimla and had requested the traffic police to take note of it. But, as we all saw, DSP Traffic Police Shimla was busy drinking and beating up cab-drivers and lathicharge the public that objected to his unacceptable, violent act.

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Despite clear guidelines given under Rule 50 & 51 of Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989 regarding the clear and legible display of registration marks on motor vehicles, private vehicles, HRTC buses, and those serving at government departments are flaunting the law in front of Himachal Pradesh Police in the state including the capital city Shimla.

It’s really difficult to understand why traffic police is ignoring this critical issue when activities, such as illegal dumping is blatantly going on in Shimla.  Unregulated and haphazard construction means generation of tons of construction waste, which is openly dumped on city roadsides. From Sanjauli to Totu, no area is unaffected by illegal dumping. Sometimes, this dumping obstructs roads and cause traffic jams. Illegal dumping also leads to landslides.

In other situations, as mentioned in previous complaint, it becomes impossible to note down number of such vehicles like in the above mentioned case in which we don’t have a number to report.

Still, neither HPPWD or SMC, or any other responsible department ever tried to react to this situation. Shimla is already facing a tremendous stress caused by ignorance to critical issues from both the public and the government. The government literally murdered people by letting them drink sewage-contaminated water supply from Ashwani Khad, thousands of people die every year in road accident because the roadsides are not protected with crash-barriers, transportation infrastructure is overburdened with ever increasing traffic and capital city is worst hit by it due to lack of parking space. Traffic congestion is getting uglier with tourist flooding to Shimla to get respite from scorching heat in other parts of India.

The government hardly has any vision for Himachal, especially urbanized regions. It’s time that administration get to work before remaining Shimla city plunge into irreversible damage, and illegal dumping is a major concern.

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