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Water-toxicity in Himachal’s Rewalsar lake reaches alarming level, mass fish death reported again

SHIMLA- Mass death of fish in Himachal’s holy Rewalsar Lake still continue after it was first reported last year. Already hundreds of fish were found dead due to rise in toxicity of water. Now, over Hundreds of fish have died in the Rewalsar wetlands in the past two days due to water toxicity, posing a serious threat to other aquatic fauna.

According to residents, due to first spell of rain, polluted water has entered into the lake from various spots. Yesterday, hundreds of fish were seen floating in the lake.

Members of a local NGO along with staff members of the Nagar Panchayat, Rewalsar, removed the fishes from the lake and buried them in a ditch. The main cause of the fish mortality is water contamination, they said.

Rewalsar fish death

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Naresh Kumar, president of the Development Action Group, a local NGO, which has launched the “Save Rewalsar Lake campaign”, said thousands of fish die every year but the role of the nagar panchayat and other officials was confined to help local residents in disposing of the fishes.

rewalsar lake pollution

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Many studies have revealed that Rewalsar wetlands are under strain due to pollution, siltation, encroachment and overgrowth of weeds. Even the waste water from kitchens and toilets situated around the lake directly flow in to lake and due to it the dissolved oxygen level had gone down in lake due to pollution in lake. Further, monastery, a gurdwara and a temple are located on the banks of the wetlands. Devotees, especially Buddhists, feed the aquatic creatures.

According to the Secretary of the Development Action Group, an NGO, Om Parkash, their organisation has already submitted a special report to the government pertaining to the conservation of the Rewalsar Lake. Clearly, there is an immediate need to take steps so that pollution level of the lake could be checked.

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