Video: This is how BSNL (SDA Complex) disposes of its garbage daily

SHIMLA- We received a couple of video clips from a resident of Shimla and one of Himachal Watcher’s readers. The complainant told us that the office of General Manager, Telecom, BSNL, Shimla, in SDA Complex (Block No. 35) located in Kasumpti sets its daily garbage on fire. The garbage is burnt daily about 10:00 AM and the smoke lasts nearly entire day which almost chokes officials in nearby offices and residents living in its vicinity. People going to Kasumpti or vice-versa via BSNL office road are forced to rush while holding their breath to cross this upto 100 meters long smoky part of the road.

Only a handful of aware people or environmentalists would find it shocking because this practice is prohibited under laws defined for the disposal of solid waste in municipal areas.

But sadly, there is absolutely no check from either the Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) or State Pollution Control Board (PCB). Common people are not aware enough to object to such disasters.

BSNL is not the only one to practice burning garbage in open. We had posted videos showing STPI (Block. 24) doing the same.

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Shimla city is already facing excess, unchecked vehicular emission from both public and private transporters, but Himachal Pradesh government and (majority) of people living in the capital are further fueling air pollution by open, inappropriate incineration of garbage.

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Himachal Watcher made many attempts to shake SMC and HPPCB to take notice of it and work on awareness programs to put full stop to this hazardous practice, which is posing threat to human-health and to the ecology of the place.

It turned out that SMC is itself burning garbage all over Shimla, which is, indeed, disgraceful.

The city is heading toward a miserable future due to complete failure of HP government in formulation and execution of an efficient policy to manage the issue of garbage disposal. But we are thankful to the complainant who bothered to report this issue.

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