Shimla SDA complex now a congested place, lacks basic amenities, surrounded by garbage

“The government is charging about Rs 25,000 as property tax per annum but in terms of facilities we are suffering”

SHIMLA- Congested SDA complex that houses 250 shops and 68 directorates lacks basic civic amenities like streetlights, well equipped public toilets, drinking water and adequate parking space.

The complex was developed about 15 years back to de-congest the state capital by shifting some major offices. Now, everyday, the complex is visited by 15,000 to 20,000 people every day.

Moving in the area after sunset is a nightmare as bad road conditions with vehicles parked in haphazard manner and no street lights pose risk of injury.


“Two toilets were constructed 15 years ago but they are in bad shape and stinking while streetlights are not working. Shopkeeper and visitors are facing great hardship”,says a local shopkeeper Neeraj.

Watch Video A Local Speaks About Condition of SDA Complex

The toilets are literally filled with poop. There is no water or any sweeper to attend it or if there are, then they don’t bother to visit the only toilets available.

Watch Video A Local Speaks About Condition of SDA Complex


The status of maintenance of buildings is clearly visible from the big bushes hanging from walls, which have turned dark green due to growth of moss. Most of the washroom pipes leaks, which provides moisture for growth of moss and bushes.

Watch Video A Local Speaks About Condition of SDA Complex

The phone and internet cables are so haphazardly connected that now it has become more like a cluttered net. This clutter makes the complex visually unpleasing or say it add to visual pollution.

There is rubble around many offices, which is disposed off in open by office staff.

The garbage has surrounded the STPI building completely. The garbage is mostly set on fire to leave behind half-burnt, visually ugly piles.

The scene around most of the offices is similar.

Everything from bottles of whiskey, thermocoal, plastic bottles and packaging, glass pieces, is visible in these piles of garbage.


A couple of months ago, workers of Shimla Municipal Corporation had set all the garbage around STPI building on fire, which had filled entire premises with smoke.

There is no sign board to guide people to this public toilet. Majority of outsiders, who visit SDA complex, find it hard to spot it.

road-side-drainage-system-shimlaThe drains are damaged and not maintained for years. Water floods the roads when it rains, giving tough time to pedestrians.

“The government is charging about Rs 25,000 as property tax per annum but in terms of facilities we are suffering”, said president of SDA Complex Business Association KK Khanna.

The state government shifted a large number of offices to the SDA complex and businessmen also occupied the shops purchased or rented by them. But there is no parking space and narrow roads are chocked by vehicles parked along roadside, causing frequent traffic jams.

As the number of vehicles continue to grow, the lack of space for parking haunts the complex everyday. The picture also shows missing drains, which causes inconvenience to people during rainy days.

“We are running from pillar to post but all the departments, including the Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC), the Special Area Development Authority (SADA), the Town and Country Planning Department and HIMUDA, are passing the buck”
, said another shopkeeper.

Even the politicians are not bothered. It is a commercial complex and all the businessmen are not residing here. It is not a “vote bank area” to attract attention of local MLA or Councillors, complains Khanna.

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Photos: Tarun Sharma, HW Community Member

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