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“Gur Ka Halwa” play staged at Shimla Gaiety to highlight misery of farmers

SHIMLA- “Gur Ka Halwa” a play highlighting the misery of farmers in current times was staged at the historic Gaiety Theater, Shimla a couple of days ago. The play was organized by the The North Zone Cultural Center Patiyala in association with Department of Language Art and Culture Himachal Pradesh.

HP Dept of Language Art and Culture

The story of play revolved around a poor farmer who was in debt to a rich money lender. Farmer was forced to mortgage his wife’s jewelry to meet his daily life struggle may that be of providing basic needs like food to family and education to his daughter or medical treatment for his old father.

Shimla Gaiety Theater

Father’s patience gives up as the money lender offers to buy his young daughter and farmer and his wife decides to murder their daughter by giving her poisonous “Gur Ka Halwa”. Play failed to do justice to the theme as there was hardly any story line. The play came like a flat faced narrative without much of modulation there was no climax and ended abruptly.

Shimla Gaiety

The boy who comes and informs about various schemes was more of an announcement than anything else. If performed as street play there too it is doubted that it would have done any justice to government programs and schemes when it came to enlightening people.However no doubt the question that it wanted to raise The – that though government is providing with various schemes for farmers but still many are not aware about the benefit and hence are forced to end their lives or make wrong decisions. In Farmer is enlightened about the scheme and hence he is filled with a new hope.

North Zone Cultural Center Patiyala

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