Shimla Housewife save solider

Gallant Shimla housewife saves life of a soldier, gets rewarded

SHIMLA- Veena Sharma, 42, born in Kotkhai, now a resident of Banuti in Shimla, displayed tremendous Samaritan spirit, and saved life of a soldier using her present mindedness that amazed everyone. She has left a clear message: don’t underestimate the power of a housewife.

On August 20, a group of soldiers (Assam Rifles), who were jogging near Banuti, about 12 kms from Shimla town, encountered a pack of stray dogs. As dogs chased them, the panicked men ran to escape during which one of them,Mukesh Kumar, fell into a 50-feet deep roadside ditch. His head hit a stone leaving him unconscious. While other men with him stood bewildered, shouting for help, Veena approached the scene and reached for the man. She found him unconscious, not breathing and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She rubbed his hands and feet to provide warmth.

When it didn’t work, she didn’t lose hope and immediately called her father Ramesh Sharma, 72, asking him to bring the car. Her father drove the injured soldiers with his mates to the military hospital at Jutogh Cantt. After initial treatment, the injured was referred to IGMC hospital and saved.

I was standing in my courtyard as I saw a pack of dogs chasing these men. I ran to help watching one of them falling into the deep ditch,

said Veena.

Rewarded by Commanding Officer

The Commandant, first Battalion, Assam Rifles, Colonel Deepak Katariya expressed his gratitude to her and rewarded Veena with a letter of appreciation and memento for saving the life of his man.

Entire Banuti panchayat is proud of Veena for her quick-thinking that saved a precious life. After receiving reward from the Assam Rifles Commandant, now panchayat will also recognize and reward her for showcasing a selfless service to society and for setting an example for people, encouraging Samaritan spirit.

Photo: TOI

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