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This Shimla-based miniature gardening artist has taken initiative to impart creative skills to prisoners

She has limited slots for this workshop where the gardening enthusiasts of Shimla are invited for a meet-up over creative gardening, food & beverage, candid photography along with supporting a cause.

SHIMLA-In a city like Shimla, unplanned, haphazard, and even illegal construction has made it almost impractical to nurture a habit like gardening, which is indeed a saddening state. However, there is some possibility with miniature gardening. Shimla based Miniature Haven had recently introduced the capital city to the art of miniature gardening through its first workshop. The organizer, Shilpa (30). received a tremendous response, and has decided to hold another special workshop in Shimla.

This time, as an admirable initiative, inmates of the Kaithu Jail in Shimla will get a chance to contribute to the preparation of the workshop kits and will also learn creative gardening skills & techniques and other crafts. miniature haven workshop 3

The psychologists, doctors and occupational therapists have always debated the health benefits of building, planting, and harvesting a garden that brings constructive changes on emotional and behavioral level. Even the theme of this year’s World Environment Day was “Connecting to the Nature”. Shilpa has created this opportunity to re-establish this connection for both the prison inmates as well as residents of urbanized and highly congested city.

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Shilpa with IPS Somesh Goel, Director General of Prisons and Correctional Services, Himachal Pradesh

For this, Miniature Haven, her firm, is collaborating with Himachal Prisons under the guidance of IPS Somesh Goel, Director General of Prisons and Correctional Services, Himachal Pradesh to impart creative skills to the friendly inmates of prisons. Shilpa will be training the inmates and even share part of the earning from the workshop with them for helping her in the preparation of the kits.

Under this project I will spend time with them demonstrating and teaching creative gardening techniques and other crafts like distress painting, decoupaging objects etc.,

Shilpa told Himachal Watcher.

The inmates will help me prepare kits for the workshop and will be paid wages out of the proceeds I generate from the workshop,

she further said.

This is an initiative to engage prisoners in creative art based activities along with giving them opportunity to start a dialogue with outer world in a way that is productive and constructive in manner. Another thought is to enable them to be able to earn a livelihood from handcrafting such products which can be commercially sold to the public.

I will document my interaction with the prisoners’ their daily stories, life behind a prison and feedback in the form of pictures and share it on my Facebook page Miniature Haven; some stories that remains behind the bars and are never really known to us in the free world,

said Shilpa.

Under her concept Miniature Haven she is looking at collaborating with many social service organisations that are working on the upliftment and empowerment of underprivileged sections of our society.

She is expecting the Shimla public to come forward and be a part of this event where a group of 15-20 strangers would come together for a meet-up over creative gardening, food & beverage, candid photography which supports a cause.

The cost of workshop (2000 INR) inclusive of material, food & beverage (prepared by prison inmates) and photography. The workshop is scheduled to be held on June 18, 2017 at the Shimla Book Café from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM. All details regarding the workshop can be found on the official website of Miniature Haven or the Facebook Page. Interested people should hurry for registration as there are limited slots.

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