DIY-Miniature-Gardening-Workshops in Shimla

Himachal woman brings miniature gardening to Shimla through DIY workshops

She wants to boost this trend and introduce miniature gardening as part of urban life, and she has planned another workshop in Shimla to be held on May 14, 2017.

SHIMLA- Very recently, a Shimla-based firm Miniature Haven organized one-of-its-kind workshop at the Café Under Tree in Shimla to introduce miniature gardening in the hill town. The concept is new for the queen of hills but it is actually interesting and tends to add green into urban lifestyle. Several participants from varying professions and nationality attended the workshop.

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The Miniature Haven is founded by Shilpa, a local. She has been conducting DIY miniature gardening workshops for a while now. As per Shilpa she was consumed by the city life like all most of the city people until she found herself living in England, reliving her childhood spent in the lap of nature – Shimla, India. Being a mountain girl, she always had an eye for green landscapes.
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She came back to India and introduced miniature gardening as a lifestyle hobby, which she claims to be creatively stimulating and extremely therapeutic. So far, under Miniature Haven, she has introduced the concept in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chandigarh through her workshops that are full of delight and little green wonders that look like a small slice of heaven.

Her endeavour is to encourage gardening for small spaces and for all ages and interests in as many cities of India as possible. Her workshops are unique and help people re-connect with the nature. The concept of creative group workshops is still not very popular in Shimla.

However, she wants to boost this trend, and she has planned another workshop at Cafe Simla Times to be held on May 14, 2017. The participants can read about the fee and other details of the upcoming workshop on Miniature Haven website or its Facebook page.

Interested candidates can get their names registered by paying 1500 INR inclusive of material, f&b and candid photographs of participants.

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