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Himachal Watcher’s weekly print edition coming soon, readers’ suggestion and contributions invited

SHIMLA– Himachal Watcher (HW), which started its humble journey in 2010 as an online web portal to specifically address public grievances sent by people, has grown up to become a credible online magazine to accommodate more fields in reporting including socio-economic issues, environment, education, health, art and culture etc. We always stressed upon the need to create awareness among people to facilitate astute working of administration.

All these years, we had been receiving suggestion from our readers to start a print edition so that offline readers could also be reached.

Himachal Watcher is glad to announce that with the support of our growing readership, and as an endeavor to reach more readers, we will soon launch an eight-page weekly print edition by the same title “Himachal Watcher”.

Initially, it’ll be a simple, black and white weekly and only limited copies will be published. We hope to raise the standard, quality, and quantity of print edition in future with readers’ support. Subscriptions for the weekly will start very soon.

HW has always been a people’s platform and we believe that media should publish what people want it to publish. Therefore, we request our readers to provide their suggestions about what they expect a neutral and independent weekly to publish with priority.

Creating environmental and social awareness and empowerment of readers will be our focus in addition to keeping watch on educational campuses starting from primary to higher educational institutes.

We also call for contributors, who have unheard issues to raise, opinions to express or stories to tell. Similarly, HW is always open for the talented artists in various fields of art. You can also share works of literature like poetry or short-stories (both in Hindi & English).

We firmly belief in ethical values associated with the profession of journalism – the fourth pillar of democracy. Though, the current state of media is nothing more than usual profit-oriented businesses, we would strive to uphold the true values of journalism.

We expect our readers to support us in this endeavor and keep providing valuable feedback to help HW evolve as an impactful platform in print media as well.

Readers and Contributors can contact us through e-mail[editor (at)himachalwatcher (dot)com] or through our Social Media pages facebook.com/himachalw | twitter.com/HimachalW.

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