Kotkhai Gangrape Accused pictures

What we know so far about CBI probe in Kotkhai rape and murder case

Shimla – The market of the speculation, rumors, and unconfirmed stories about the conspiracy and real culprits behind the rape and murder of a minor girl in Kotkhai, Shimla, continue to warm up while the Central Bureau of Investigation sweats hard to crack the case. However, there is little that could be verified in the absence of official statements from the CBI team.

Prior to the submission of its interim report to the Himachal Pradesh High Court, the CBI is less likely to speak to the media regarding the findings in the case. 

In the absence of any official inputs, local media is generating unofficial reports suggesting varying facts about the process of the investigation.

However, what can be confirmed is that the separate CBI teams have visited the crime scene, re-created the crime scene, questioned all accused, talked to parents and the victim’s uncle. CBI has re-examined the body of Suraj Singh, Nepalese accused killed in the police custody at the Kotkhai Police Station. The agency has also visited the Forensic Lab at Junga and would be taking possession of all evidence recovered from the spot where the victim’s dead body was found dumped on July 6, 2017.

The speculation about the presence of the victim on social media and that she was in possession of a cellphone are also being probed. If sources to be believed, the agency is scanning the cellphone of the victim’s mother as well.  The agency would be looking for texts, chatting apps, and calls made from the phone.

The IT Cell responsible for handling the official Facebook page of the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh could land in trouble for posting and deleting four photos. It was after the posting of these photos that fueld the doubt among people over the police probe. The IT cell had claimed it to be a technical glitch and the CM had denied having any knowledge regarding it.

All accused, Rajender Singh alias Raju (32), pickup driver; Subash Singh Bisht (42), Deepak alias Deepu (29) and Lok Jung alias Chhotu (19), were produced before the court in Theog on Thursday. All four were sent to a 14-days judicial custody as CBI did not want to question them anymore. The fifth accused was produced in the court on Wednesday after CBI questioned him.

Sources report that all accused have given enough clues to the agency to unfold the suspense that surrounds the case.

Media reports and photographs suggested the agency is doing an extensive investigation at the crime spot in order to match it with the sequence given in the police report. The uncle of the victim accompanied the CBI during all this time.

On Wednesday, according to media sources, a CBI team recreated the scene and tried to find out whether screams were audible if someone is standing on the nearby road or in the Nepalese settlement. One of the team members was made to stand on the spot where the body was found and other one positioned himself on the nearby road. The member on the crime spot made some sounds. The team also traveled all the way through the path that the victim used to take to reach her home.

As per a source, CBI has got hold of some strong technical evidence that can lead to the unraveling of the mystery.

The agency, if the report is to be believed, is banking on the forensic evidence. The call records of all accused and even suspects are being scanned. The DNA report, fingerprints, dental impression, blood samples etc. of all accused as well as some suspects, all are being scrutinized.

A report on Hindi daily has even claimed that the CBI has completed the probe and it has solid evidence to unravel the mystery.

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