CBI status report in kotkhai probe

Kotkhai Probe: CBI fails to submit final report again, seeks 2 more weeks

Shimla: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed another incomplete status report on the probe in the Kotkhai rape-murder case in Himachal Pradesh High Court on October 11. The court expressed its disappointment as the CBI again failed to file its final status report despite its own assurance given in the last hearing. 

The agency argued that they are yet to receive the reports of several relevant tests. The CBI has taken blood samples of about 200 people, questioned over 500, visited the crime scene hundreds of times, and conducted brain mapping test on arrested accused.

The bench comprising acting Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice Sandeep Sharma reportedly told the CBI to make it clear whether it is capable of investigating this case or not. The court said the agency did not make any significant progress in the investigation since the filing of its last report. The agency was warned that its director will be summoned if it failed to file the complete and final report on October 25.

Entire Himachal was expecting justice for the victim and major revelations in this one-of-its-kind case of gangrape and murder of a 16-year-old girl. However, they will have to wait as the court has given the CBI two more weeks to file a detailed final report.

The Hill state wasn’t accustomed to such gruesome crimes until recently. The case was tagged as high-profile as soon as the CBI arrested eight police officials including the then Deputy Superintendent of Police, Theog and then Inspector General, Zahul H Zaidi, who was heading the Special Investigation Team of police probing the case.

All police officials are in judicial custody. 

The case had caused an outrage in local people that had taken the form of rioting in Kotkhai where people had ransacked the local police station and set it ablaze after one of the accused was killed in custody.

The case has become a mystery. The parents of the victim girl and the people of Himachal are desperately waiting to know what actually happened to the girl. Why was an accused allegedly killed in police custody? Was police trying to save someone? If yes, then was it for money or political or some other pressure?

The case is no more about one victim of cold-blooded murder after gang-raping her. Now, the case is about the faith of the people in the system. Most of all, the faith of the public in the police is also at stake.

As a matter of psycho-social concern, loss of faith in law enforcement agencies is directly associated with an increase in sense of injustice in masses. Why would anyone play fair and show regard for law and order when the system itself is an unfair game?

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