HP Electricity Department Carelessness

This live ‘electrocution trap’ proves HP Govt Depts never learn

Shimla: How apathetic our government departments could be? What is the limit of their carelessness? What sort of idiots are occupying high-rank positions in these departments? Why they are even being paid and for what?

These are some of the intimidating questions that arise in our mind when we come across the ‘jugaad’ jobs done by these departments.

As a latest example, take a look at these pictures taken at the Software Technology Parks of India situated at the SDA Complex, Kasumpti, Shimla.

It’s the 24th block in the Complex and mostly remains quite busy. The employees working in various offices housed in the block come downstairs to take breaks.

STPI BUilding Shimla

Photo: Himachal Watcher/ STPI Shimla Parking

Most of them stand against this metal railing. At lunch time, on an average about 50 employees could be seen standing against or near this railing.

Here comes the death trap laid by the department. It has tied a ‘guy wire’ (metal) with the metal safety railings of the parking lot. The other end of the wire is tied to an electric pole. The wire is supposed to support the electric pole to prevent it from leaning in the opposite side.

The distance between the electricity wires and this ‘guy wire’ is not much. In case the electricity wires come in direct contact with the pole or this wire, there is a very high probability that people can die or get seriously hurt.

Himachal Pradesh Government, irrespective of the ruling party, hardly learns from deaths due to road accidents, landslides etc.

What’s more saddening is that it does not learn even after people lost their lives due to the carelessness of government departments

Nepali labourer in Himachal

The boy who had lost his both legs due to carelessness of the government department

In 2012, an eight-year-old boy had lost both his legs after he came in contact with high-tension wires while walking in fields. The State High Court had clearly held the government responsible for making the boy 100 percent disable.

The Supreme Court had directed the government to pay Rs. 1.25 crore as compensation to the parents of the boy.

There were other occasions when the careless jobs in installing electric poles and wires have caused either electrocution of humans and animals.

But the our government departments are not willing to take their duty seriously.

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