Virbhadra Singh IT Cell

Did CBI miss CM Virbhadra’s IT Cell in Gudiya case?

Shimla: The Central Bureau of Investigation might have solved the case of custodial death of an accused, but in Gudiya gangrape and murder case, the hands of the agency are being speculated to be empty.

We used the term ‘speculation’ because the CBI has not provided any official information related to the investigation in the gangrape and murder of Guidya in the woods of Halaila, Kotkhai region of Shimla district on July 6, 2017.

The CBI found no substantial evidences against the six accused arrested by the Special Investigation Team of Himachal Pradesh Police and even allegedly hacked one of these persons to death after unleashing unsufferable pain upon him.

The remaining five were released on bail. The CBI also appealed the court to drop the charges labelled against accused Rajinder alias Raju in the case of the custodial killing of Suraj. 

The CBI on November 30, in its status report, told the State High Court that the police SIT had arrested the five accused without any proof, tortured them, and killed one of them while forcefully extracting a false confession.

The CBI has filed chargesheet against eigh police officials, and a supplementary chargesheet would be filed against then Superintendent of Shimla, D.W. Negi soon.

However, the chapter in which the Chief Minister’s IT Cell had made headlines by posting and then deleting photos of four youth on the CM’s official Facebook page on July 11 is missing. The CBI has not grilled any of the Cell’s members yet.

The CBI had said it would investigate this aspect as well but not much was heard about it later.

If the IT Cell is concealing any relevant information about the culprits or related to the case, then it becomes a part of the criminal conspiracy. Doesn’t it?

From where did the IT Cell of the Chief Minister receive those photos? The IT Cell had called it a result of a technical glitch. We wonder if someone has ever faced such a technical glitch on Facebook.

According to the IT Cell’s explanation, the photos were random and somehow automatically got uploaded on Facebook while posting the update. Otherwise, the Cell was posting only the text, said the explanation.

For a second, let us consider the photos were automatically selected and uploaded with the update. But these random photos were present on the computer or device that the members of the IT Cell were using. Leave aside the Facebook; explain from whome the Cell received them.

Even if the selection is considered a random one, still the device must contain the photos. Either the photos were mailed, forwarded through social media, or transferred through a flash driver or external storage. 

Once the source from where the Cell has received these photos is revealed, the CBI can follow the thread upto the origin of the photos.

If that doesn’t sound to be convincing, then it is pertinent to mention that these random persons turned out to be locals. Was it coincident? Why did these persons not sue the CM’s IT Cell for defaming them by posting their pictures with a status that termed them to be the suspects in a barbaric crime?

The people should hope the CBI has already followed this thread as it could provide them with a potential lead about the real culprits responsible for the gruesome crime against a minor. If not, then it should gril the IT Cell. 

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