Sheila Dikshit’s daughter feels unsafe in the city

Sheila Dikshit’s daughter feels unsafe in the city

<SheilaDikshit's daughter feel unsafe

New Delhi-Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit said today that her own daughter feels unsafe in the city. Mrs Dikshit who is a vocal critic of city police said this about the law and order situation, especially on safety of women in the capital.

Admitting that statistics on crime against women are shocking, she said the challenge will have to be faced with “courage and determination”.

“We have to face it with courage and determination. This is happening all around the country. This is not a competition. I don’t want to get into it,” she told NDTV.

“Why is it that a girl is walking on the street and someone has to tease her. When we went to school or college there were whistles but there was nothing of this kind,” she said.

Expressing unhappiness over the law and order situation in Delhi, Mrs Dikshit said a lot has to be done to address the sense of insecurity among women in the city.

“I am not satisfied with the law and order ~ I wouldn’t be able to judge whether security has improved after December 16 or not,” the chief Minister said. PTI/More Details

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