Do we have to live like this – crushed beneath Police Boots, Under the terror of HP Govt.?

SHIMLA- Now, both the HP Govt. and the Police are doing whatever they wish to crush student protest and terrorize protesting voices. Both of them are not available to help you and for your safety, but to crush you under their boots. Govt. will ask for no answers from police for what wrong they do people. No one will ask or punish Shimla Police to take responsibility for its heinous act of abducting people and torture them all night inside police station. Is public helpless against complete dictatorship of HP Govt. and Shimla Police ? Is that the way we will have to live in our own place, under the fear of police brutality, and never dare to conceive a thought of protesting for our rights and demanding right to our freedom of speech and freedom to express our unrest?

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