I am a student of NIT Hamirpur, 1st year and a resident of Himachal Pradesh.
I am very much familiar with the cultures of the state and i am proud of being a Himachali.
Due to its being an unique state in every aspect and due to its beauty and cultures its also known as “DEV BHUMI HIMACHAL” and its known as Himachal is a state of GOD’s. As there are many holy places and temples in this beautiful state and one of them is “JWALAJI” temple of whose i am going to show you the other side of the coin.
As we know that Jwalaji is one of the very famous and popular temples of Himachal and every day thousands of pilgrims from and outside the state visit the holy temple. Many of them are those who are smoking and tobacco addicts (from other states). And as tobacco is completely BAN in the hill state and smoking is not allowed in public places but even though there are many shops in Jwalaji where tobacco is being sold openly and its consumers spread dirtiness every where even in the buse

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