Kinnaur boy found hanged from tree in Sanjauli, Shimla

SHIMLA- Narender(21) was found hanged from a tree in Sanjuali. People informed the police after they saw his body hanging from tree in the morning. A four page suicide note was recovered from his pocket. In this letter, the boy took whole responsibility for his act; he addressed his father asking him to stop drinking and urged his parents to take care of his younger brother. He expressed his disappointment with himself for not being able to buy an car for his brother.

As per the report, Narender was presently residing in Sangati in Shimla. He was preparing for PMT examination. It was his third attempt after he could not clear the exam in his previous two attempts. He has been taking coaching for the same. Basically, the boy came from Pooh region of Kinnuar district.


Police recovered a diary from his room. Narender had left some poems that he wanted his parents to read to people of his village. He had also published a book containing a collection of his poems that he had dedicated to her mother. He also had an Image of poet and participated in ‘Kavi Goshti’ regularly.

The reason of suicide is not clear yet. However, the suicide note hints that the boy was suffering from depression or similar psychiatric problem. ~ News 18

Images:Punjab Kesari

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